Inspired by Failure

Inspired by Failure

Anaerobic Digester by Enid Partika

September 01, 2019

The guest on this episode of the Inspired by Failure podcast is Enid Partika, creator of an anaerobic digester that is turning food waste into fertilizer and biogas. Enid and her team at the Rogers Urban Farmlab are working with medium sized vendors such as university dining halls to collect food waste which is placed into the anaerobic digester they have created and will produce liquid fertilizer and biogas without the use of oxygen.
Enid and her team have worked tirelessly to cultivate the right types of bacteria to produce the optimal biogas and fertilizer byproducts. Every 600 pounds of food waste can produce 3 kilowatt hours of biogas and 150 gallons of liquid fertilizer, which Enid and her team have been using to grow hydroponic plants and fruit trees at the Farmlab.
While there are other similar efforts going on around the world, Enid believes that their anaerobic digester is unique in its scale and their capability to control the environmental factors of their project. They are constantly monitoring chemical and environmental metrics to ensure that their production levels are optimal. The best advice that Enid has received is to make the best use of the resources you are given, which she employs through experimentation and increased sustainability efforts.

Key Quotes:
“What resources are available to me? What tools do I have?”
“How can we best service the environment? How can we best service our community?”

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