Inspired by Failure

Inspired by Failure

Aclarity by Julie Bliss Mullen

June 13, 2019

Julie Bliss Mullen grew up loving and appreciating the outdoors, and after a trip to rural Guatemala during high school to study the water issues of that community, she knew that she had found her life’s purpose. She took environmental engineering and sustainability courses in college and after her internship with the EPA, she was awarded a graduate research fellowship to study emerging contaminants in water. She began looking at conventional treatment methods and then began her PhD studies where she continued her research by looking at new types of water treatment technology.
During this program, she discovered the potentials of electrochemical water treatment to remove contaminants and she hired a co-founder to help her thrust the project forward. They chose the name Aclarity because it is unique and memorable while conveying their desired message of clarity and having a nice ring to it. During the electrochemical process, they found it effective to group the types of contaminants based upon the power ratings needed to destroy them in water. Their technology is able to desalinate water and allow for water reuse in addition to typical water treatment functions.
Julie has greatly enjoyed learning more about electrochemistry with the ultimate goal of providing clean water to as much of the world as possible, inspired by her first trip to rural Guatemala. They are working to make Aclarity scalable and hopefully widely available for solving the world’s water problems.

Key Quotes:
“It generates really fast reacting chemicals that destroy contaminants.”
“We have to regulate the power to destroy certain contaminants.”

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