Inspired by Failure

Inspired by Failure

Micro Electric Turbine System by Christopher Bean

July 30, 2019

Christopher Bean and his team are using their Micro Electric Turbine System (mETS) to create electricity with no combustion and no byproducts. They capture this energy through the pressure that occurs through the flow of gas. Their main target customers are off-shore oil producers who are looking for a way to be more sustainable and who have extraordinary amounts of the oil needed to produce this sustainable electricity. This mETS software is more practical than solar and hydrogen for off-shore oil producers particularly because of issues that solar and hydrogen have with cost and scale.
Chris and his team have not met many barriers along the way and they view this as the optimal time for implementing this technology since oil and gas industries are primed to implement this kind of system to solve some of the problems they have been experiencing. The team has been talking with representatives of the oil and gas industries during their development phases and they believe that their product is exactly what they need. Chris is excited about the future of mETS and the potential for widespread carbon emissions reduction as the product is widely distributed and accepted.

Key Quotes:
“We are utilizing a readily-available pressure system.”
“What goes into our turbine comes out in the very same form.”
“The potential customers of this technology are hungry for this.”

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