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Episode 281: Where to Start with Weight Loss When You're Overwhelmed
July 19, 2023

Episode Overview It is not uncommon to experience intense feelings of overwhelm when you begin anything new, especially when approaching a weight loss journey. It can arise at any stage, but we often

Episode 280: Personal + Professional Updates from Jen and Annie
July 12, 2023

Episode Overview We pride ourselves on being open and honest with our audience. Today, were giving you some updates about our year so far. Join us as we discuss our personal and professional lives, t

Episode 279: How Stefanie Overcame Her ‘Free for All’ with Food and Lost 55lbs with Balance365
July 05, 2023

Episode Overview Meet Stefanie, a busy, full-time working mom. Several years ago, Stefanie made the smart decision to ditch the toxic fad dieting cycle. But, as many women do, she was catapulted to th

Episode 278: 5 Tips to Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption
June 28, 2023

Episode Overview With the abundance of health, wellness, and weight loss information available, it can be challenging to determine how to implement nutrition recommendations in a way that works for yo

Episode 277: 5 Tips to Reduce Emotional Eating
June 21, 2023

Episode Overview Its time for another segment of our "how-to" series! Today, we dive into the all-too-common question: how do I reduce the frequency of emotional eating? If youve tried to reduce you

Episode 276: 5 Tips to Get More Protein into Your Diet
June 14, 2023

Episode Overview Welcome to another episode of our popular "how-to" series, where we go beyond telling you what to eat, and show you HOW to make sustainable changes that stick! Today, we're taking on

Episode 275: 5 Tips to Get More Fruits and Vegetables into Your Diet
June 07, 2023

Episode Overview Today were kicking off the first part of a brand new how-to series! Last week we discussed quite a few evidence-based nutrition recommendations for women, specifically menopausal w

Episode 274: Menopause Nutrition Considerations with Dietitians Hillary Wright & Elizabeth Ward
May 31, 2023

Episode Overview Today, were excited for you to hear our interview with ! These two dietitians specialize in womens health and each have three decades of nutrition experience! Theyre also authors o

Episode 273: The Neuroscience of You: Understanding Your Brain with Dr. Chantel Prat
May 24, 2023

Episode Overview Today we are joined by Dr. Chantel Prat, a cognitive neuroscientist and author of The Neuroscience of You. During our interview we discussed the science behind the all-too-common expe

Episode 272: Healing the Mother Wound with Maggie Nick
May 17, 2023

Episode Overview Do you ever struggle to navigate your relationship with your mother? If so, you wont want to miss this episode. Were back with another guest this week, therapist Maggie Nick. Maggie