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Episode 256: Q+A - Weight Loss Answer Seekers vs. Problem Solvers
January 25, 2023

Episode Overview People fail at weight loss over and over because they are answer seekers, not problem solvers. But whats the difference between the two? In todays episode, we provide you with some

Episode 255: Q+A - How to Get Started When It Feels Overwhelming
January 18, 2023

Episode Overview On this weeks episode were answering a question from our Facebook group. She says this, nothing has been sustainable in the past, and Im exhausted from the binge/restrict cycle. W

Episode 254: Q+A - How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Smaller Women
January 11, 2023

Episode Overview Were back with another live Q+A episode! Today, were talking about something many women deal with often: body comparison. If you find yourself comparing your body to women who are s

Episode 253: Katie’s Shift From Intuitive Eating to Balance365, Finding Peace, & Losing 20lbs
January 04, 2023

Episode Overview Like many women, Katie couldnt understand why health, wellness and weight loss eluded her. She tried many different approaches in her life from fad diets to Intuitive Eating but coul

Episode 252: Jen and Annie’s Highs and Lows of 2022
December 28, 2022

Episode Overview In the spirit of transparency, well be honest: we had plans to create a very different podcast episode for you today. But 2022 threw us, as were sure it did for many of you. So inst

Episode 251: 4 Considerations if You Have Weight Loss Goals in 2023
December 21, 2022

Episode Overview 2023 is almost here! If you have a weight loss goal in the new year, we need to talk! Today, were discussing four considerations to reflect on before you dive head-first into the new

Episode 250: Member Spotlight - How Jeannette Overcame Perfectionism and Lost 40lbs
December 14, 2022

Episode Overview Today, were interviewing Jeanette. At 53, shes learned how to create simple, healthy habits she knows she can sustain for the rest of her life! Currently, she is down 40lbs, has rev

Episode 249: What is Self-Trust and Why Is It Important?
December 07, 2022

Episode Overview We know so many women who wholeheartedly believe they are good for themselves. They have proven their reliability, care, and consideration in relationships with others, yet they strug

Episode 248: 5 Tips to Get Started with Balance365 Fat Loss Foundations
November 30, 2022

Episode Overview Hi, everyone! Were back this week with a very helpful guide for all of our new Balance365 Fat Loss Foundations members! This episode does not just get you started, but also keeps you

Episode 247: Katie Answers Your Questions About Losing 50lbs
November 23, 2022

Episode Overview Hello everyone! Today, were getting candid with one of our members, Katie McNally! Shes here to answer YOUR questions about losing 50lbs with Balance365. We got dozens of excellent