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Episode 273: The Neuroscience of You: Understanding Your Brain with Dr. Chantel Prat
May 24, 2023

Episode Overview Today we are joined by Dr. Chantel Prat, a cognitive neuroscientist and author of The Neuroscience of You. During our interview we discussed the science behind the all-too-common expe

Episode 272: Healing the Mother Wound with Maggie Nick
May 17, 2023

Episode Overview Do you ever struggle to navigate your relationship with your mother? If so, you wont want to miss this episode. Were back with another guest this week, therapist Maggie Nick. Maggie

Episode 271: How Emily Slowed Down, Healed Her Relationship with Food, and Lost 40lbs
May 10, 2023

Episode Overview Meet Emily, a relationship coach, podcaster, and divorced mom of three with a heart of gold. After feeling powerless to food and emotional eating most of her life, Emily decided it wa

Episode 270: The Most Undervalued Aspect of Fat Loss
May 03, 2023

Episode Overview When it comes to fat loss, there are many reasons women find themselves stuck. Fear of failure, overwhelmed by information, and self-sabotage are just a few. All of these issues can b

Episode 269: How to Talk to Your Partner About Your Weight Loss Goals
April 26, 2023

Episode Overview Your partner has a profound impact on your behavior change journey, whether you're dating, married, cohabiting, or living apart. We understand you want to be seen, heard, and supporte

Episode 268: The Trade-Offs of Fast Weight Loss
April 19, 2023

Episode Overview You want weight loss, fast. And were not here today to criticize that. No one truly desires slow results, we get it. So lets instead talk about the trade-offs of fast weight loss, a

Episode 267: Healing Family Wounds with Therapist Vienna Pharaon
April 12, 2023

Episode Overview Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Vienna Pharaon joins us today on the podcast to celebrate the release of her new book, The Origins of You. We discuss how our family of origin s

Episode 266: Q+A - How Can I Accept My Body if I Want to Lose Weight?
April 05, 2023

Episode Overview Happy Wednesday! Were back today with a great question from a member in the Balance365 community. She asks, How do you actually love, or at least accept where youre at, while tryin

Episode 265: Why Are You Struggling with Following Through?
March 29, 2023

Episode Overview I can keep commitments to people I care about, but I struggle to do the same for myself. We hear this from so many of our new Balance365 members. Thats why, in this short but power

Episode 264: 5 Common Beginner Mistakes
March 22, 2023

Episode Overview Following the theme from last weeks beginner mindset episode, were sharing five beginner mistakes today! We often see our new Balance365 members making these mistakes, but you may f