The Game Show Show & Stuff on Radio Misfits

The Game Show Show & Stuff on Radio Misfits

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The Game Show Show – NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!
September 02, 2019

JAZ & Andy are in full-on Chaka Khan mode, Johnny Mo is in heavy-duty newsie mode & the gang discusses sex, drugs & rock n’roll comedy with rock n’roll comedian & comedy rocker, Jessika Cutts of News You Can Lose!

August 14, 2019

JAZ & Andy boil the proverbial frog, Johnny Mo had a good weekend. everybody learns about Soundcloud rappers, plus we all talk about basketball as an art form, burlesque as a sport & wet dreams with the founder & leading lady of Chicago’s sultry,

The Game Show Show – UNCLE BUNK!
August 07, 2019

JAZ & Andy react to reaction videos, Johnny Mo delivers more repulsive reptile news than any of us can handle, plus we play the longest trivia game ever & discuss the life of a television star with actor, improviser, writer,

The Game Show Show – SASHIMI & CHOPSTICKS!
August 02, 2019

EP84: JAZ & Andy never mince words, Johnny Mo always brings the news, plus we all take a long, hard look at Twitter & talk about the glories of the entertainment industry in Chicago with voice-over artist & bartender extraordinaire: Morgan Lavenstein!

The Game Show Show – PRACHT (Rhymes with Yacht) ROCK!
July 08, 2019

EP83: JAZ & Andy get loud & angry just like the good old days, Johnny Mo is ready for action & bringin’ the news, plus the boys ask what it’s like to win a Jeff Award & learn how to balance your home life with your artistic life from our friend over at...

The Game Show Show – SKETCHY AF
June 12, 2019

JAZ & Andy return to fine form furiously fighting, Johnny Mo brings treats for the crew and deets on the news, plus we talk comedy with the creative team responsible for 51 First Dates in 50 Minutes: Gemma Clarke & Shaina Schrooten of Sketch Us Out.

The Game Show Show – Spring Break 2019, Yo!
April 24, 2019

JAZ & Andy debate Big Ketchup, celebrate Huge Electronics & ponder Giant Monsters, Johnny Mo tells us about his latest short film role & the whole gang clowns around for a rare morning recording session to kick off our long overdue Chicagoland springti...

The Game Show Show…& Stephs!
March 27, 2019

JAZ & Andy discuss the politics of condiments, Johnny Mo brings the wackiest news he can find & the boys meet their match when they finally share the studio with two ladies as foul-mouthed & funny as they like to think they are: Steph & Steph from Step...

The Game Show Show – Salt & Vinegar Pork Cracklins!
March 12, 2019

JAZ & Andy eat unhealthy snacks, Johnny Mo takes the day off & the boys get loud, weird & gross! Ever had Pickled Hot Dogs? You should!! Don’t let the pinkish juice fool ya’.

The Game Show Show – Spoiler Alert…& THE CROWD GOES WILD!
February 23, 2019

JAZ & Andy get loud, Johnny Mo does the news for you & we basically learn the entire plot of a new Netflix documentary that you have to see for yourself to believe!