Pioneers Around the World – Engineering Pioneers

Pioneers Around the World – Engineering Pioneers

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Connectivity & Supply Chain in Zimbabwe with Chashi Foods
May 15, 2020

Prince is final year Mastercard Foundation Scholar studying BSc (Hons) Medicinal & Biological Chemistry at The University of Edinburgh. He was recently acknowledged as 1 of the 10 Zimbabwean Rhodes Scholarship Finalists. He is an entrepreneur,

whats` in a name – The Lion Effect with Takudzwa Caitano
May 02, 2020

From talking about how background plays a key role to diving into what is it that drives success and getting down to three key take aways for all those in STEM.  Meet our 1st pioneer Takudzwa Caitano - Passionate about entrepreneurship and technolog...

Trailer engineering Pioneers With clare rudo – All things STEM
January 23, 2019

Featuring tools and success stories for today’s entrepreneurial and ambitious Engineers, Innovators & Scientists in Africa. Engineers & Scientists like you have made strides towards the industrial development of Africa (both men and women). Meet Them,