Diary for young STEM Pioneers – Engineering Pioneers

Diary for young STEM Pioneers – Engineering Pioneers

Engineering Pioneers Episode 1: whats` in a name – The Lion Effect with Takudzwa Caitano

May 02, 2020

From talking about how background plays a key role to diving into what is it that drives success and getting down to three key take aways for all those in STEM. 

Meet our 1st pioneer Takudzwa Caitano - Passionate about entrepreneurship and technology and on a mission to create a tech revolution in Africa. Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation 2019 cohort , NextGen Community Fellow , Harvard Village To Raise A Child  2017 Finalist and a Yale Young Global Scholar. Works with various startups CEOs in strategy. Currently a student at Stanford University pursuing various interests such as entrepreneurship , artificial intelligence , economics and ethics.

See more of his work on : https://thediaspora.news/


Diversity and inclusion in STEM is very crucial for its development and its effect on the overall African economics.Our young people have to be entrepreneurs regardless of their background.Engineering Pioneers by Clare Rudo with Takudzwa Caitano



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