Diary for young STEM Pioneers – Engineering Pioneers

Diary for young STEM Pioneers – Engineering Pioneers

Engineering Pioneers Episode 5: Inspiration from Ghanas´ Zipline Engineer Innovative and determined Raphael Tene

July 01, 2020

Engineering Pioneers featuring Millennialsphere -Diary for young professionals Inspiration

Meet one of the most amazing and determined person I have met to date. Raphaels journey was never straight line - however his story is worth a lot of insights and lessons for young people. Was honoured to share his story and discuss some tips for young professionals looking to step into the right career path. With so many young people sitting at home with a Graduate degree - listening to Raphael will get you pumped to get out of that comfort and array of excuses.

In this discussion we also talked about getting rid of the chalk board traditions (with guest Raphael Tene from zipline)- we dived into getting out of the comfort solutions. What do you consider innovative ? How are you challenging your day to day. Again this time around my guest chose a smoothie as his integration model - find out why... also we established that creativity is one of the most underrated skill of the future. find out why.

Let us know how you are pushing boundaries? How are you as a recent graduate getting out there to drive your career and in your quest for the right job/passion/purpose?