Diary for young STEM Pioneers – Engineering Pioneers

Diary for young STEM Pioneers – Engineering Pioneers

Engineering Pioneers Episode 3: Dialogues with Dr.Ish on key strategies for African Youth today to develop further.

June 20, 2020

Here is the lovely episode featuring the discussion with Dr.Ish Dodoo which highlights some strategies to empower youth today.

Listen to this talk ( absolutely loved it) because it is relevant and urgent to young people in africa today.

It dives it five key pillars for African Youth today:

* Dissecting the key focus areas for Youth today * Dives into what Youth should prioritise Economic vs Political vs Social status * Insights on where the power of youth is * Defines and clears the air on who is Youth in Africa* Proposes actions of the defined Youth category

"There is urgency to now allow the youth of Africa to step into Economic Freedom by having this group driving key strategic actions and the 40 year olds also pass the leadership baton"Dr.Ish UNDP Policy advisor to the Secretary General