Buildings and Beyond – Steven Winter Associates, Inc.

Buildings and Beyond – Steven Winter Associates, Inc.

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Designing for Inclusion with Victoria Lanteigne
December 02, 2020

Disability inclusion in the built environment is extremely important. But, it shouldn't end there. How do we ensure that we are being truly inclusive of all types of people, taking into account a wide

Solar Panels or Asthma? Equity and the Built Environment with Jeremy Hays
November 06, 2020

Social equity is key to the work that we do in the built environment. Far too often, marginalized communities receive more of the burdens and...

'Back to the Basics' of Affordable Housing with Les Bluestone
October 06, 2020

In a city as crowded and expensive as New York City, there is a growing need for access to safe and affordable housing. With this...

Air-Tightness Testing and Building Codes in Australia with Sean Maxwell
August 20, 2020

Standard construction (both in America and Australia) is sometimes a “race to the bottom” of who can satisfy the building code at the lowest cost....

Transportation in Cities with Zak Accuardi
July 07, 2020

The transportation sector poses significant opportunities for and challenges to reducing US greenhouse gas emissions as the Country’s highest-emissions sector. As a result of stay-at-home...

Training a Young Workforce to Operate Smart Buildings with Jonathan Spooner from Stacks + Joules
June 02, 2020

As technology in the built environment increases, the workforce demand for those who can properly operate these buildings also grows. On today’s episode, Kelly talks...

Universal Design and Accessibility in Mexico City with Luis Quintana
May 12, 2020

On this month’s Buildings + Beyond episode, we interview Luis Quintana to hear more about Universal Design and accessibility in Mexico City. We discuss who Universal Design is meant to help, and how Universal Design principles can allow equal access to...

How Codes Get Made with Gayathri Vijayakumar
April 08, 2020

In this episode, we learn all about the long and lengthy code development process from SWA’s own Gayathri Vijayakumar.

A Path to Zero Waste with Celeste McMickle
March 03, 2020

We often address large-scale sustainability issues by focusing on improving building energy use, material use, and accessibility. But what about waste? According to the EPA, the...

Mission Critical: Embodied Carbon in Sustainable Design with Kai Starn and Catherine Paplin
February 04, 2020

There is an enormous, industry-wide effort underway to incorporate accounting for embodied carbon in construction, because the realization has dawned that you can’t build ‘green’ without it.