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176. Sleep improves your memory
May 02, 2022

Students and adults who want to learn and remember information better might focus on getting better sleep, suggests a new study published in the Journal of Neuroscience. Researchers at Brown Universit

175. Eating processed meat linked with mental and physical fatigue
April 29, 2022

Eating processed meat appears to make you feel more mentally and physically fatigued. In a new study published in the journal Nutrients, researchers examined 20 young adults between their mid-twenties

174. Loss of smell found to be linked to higher risk of early death
April 28, 2022

Unrelated to COVID-19, it turns out that olfactory impairment, or the loss of smell, is associated with a higher risk of early death. In a recent meta-analysis published in the journal JAMA Otolaryngo

173. Sports and exercise increase concentration and quality of life for kids
April 27, 2022

A new study shows that a child’s physical fitness is related to his or her concentration and health-related quality of life. In the study, published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, German researc

172. American women have a higher preventable mortality rate than those in other wealthy nations
April 26, 2022

Compared to women in other wealthy countries, American women have the highest rates of maternal mortality and preventable mortality. In a new study published by the Commonwealth Fund, researchers comp

171. Children with ADHD twice as likely to be bullied
April 25, 2022

A new study published in the Journal of Attention Disorders offers insight into which children are most likely to be bullied, and which ones might do the bullying. Researchers analyzed data from the N

170. How your dog’s food bowl can affect your health
April 22, 2022

Dog bowls and other pet food dishes have been shown to have high levels of bacterial contamination, almost as high as toilets. And many human outbreaks of bacterial infections have been linked to cont

169. Using warning labels on alcohol to deter kids from drinking
April 21, 2022

In the U.S., makers of alcoholic beverages are required to put a notice about the risks of drinking and driving, operating machinery, drinking while pregnant, and other general health risks. But many

168. New study shows how much plastic we consume
April 20, 2022

New research suggests that the average person ingests five grams of plastic particles each week. In a study published in the journal Exposure & Health, researchers at the Medical University of Vienna

167. The relationship between your personality and aging of your brain
April 19, 2022

Having certain personality traits might affect your later risk of cognitive impairment, according to a study published last week in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Researchers at the