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Pop-Punk & Pizza #124: 10 Songs for November 2020
November 10, 2020

Glimmers. Photo by, Smiling Eyes Media. - I'm thankful to have survived Covid! So far, anyway. My son and I made it through quarantine without ANY positive results for the virus. Thank you for patiently waiting for new Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast episode...

Pop-Punk & Pizza Episodes Delayed Until Nov. 10th
November 01, 2020

Hey! I hope you had a great Halloween. Due to unfortunate events, there will NOT be any new episodes of Pop-Punk & Pizza podcast this week. If it all goes planned, the "10 Songs for November 2020" episode will be released on Tuesday, November 10th.

Pop-Punk & Pizza #123: High Wire
October 29, 2020

We're getting spooky one last time on Pop-Punk & Pizza before Halloween hits! Joe, Cameron, and Chris of Chicago band, High Wire, join me on the podcast to talk about their new single, "Some Kind of Miracle", dropping tomorrow, October 30th.

Pop-Punk & Pizza #122: Stephen Krypel of World War Me
October 27, 2020

World War Me is a band that I had heard of, but didn't know any of their music. Then, about a month ago, I received an email from World War Me lead vocalist, Stephen Krypel, that said he wanted to be on the podcast. I loved what I heard, so I thought,

Pop-Punk & Pizza #121: Loren Israel
October 22, 2020

One of my top ten favorite albums of all time is, "Bleed American", by Jimmy Eat World. In my eyes, it's a masterpiece. So when I learned that producer/A&R executive, Loren Israel, was apart of that album, I had to talk to him.

Pop-Punk & Pizza #120: Stubhy Pandav
October 20, 2020

It's always interesting to hear what an artist truly thinks of their work. You and I rank our favorite albums by a certain band or artist all the time. How do THEY rank their OWN releases though? On this episode of Pop-Punk & Pizza,

Pop-Punk & Pizza #119: Magnolia Park
October 15, 2020

It's that time of the year where we are all getting in the spooky spirit! Magnolia Park out of Orland, Florida plans to inject some magic into our Halloween with their upcoming single, "Houdini". The whole band joined me for a pizza party via Zoom to e...

Pop-Punk & Pizza #118: Dennis Jagard of Ten Foot Pole
October 13, 2020

Skate punk rockers, Ten Foot Pole, have gone acoustic! I had the pleasure of talking with their lead vocalist and guitarist, Dennis Jagard, about their newest release, "Simmer Down". We also dive into his professional audio engineer career and how he b...

Pop-Punk & Pizza #117: 10 Songs for October 2020
October 08, 2020

Goalkeeper. Photo by, Jesse Joseph. - At the beginning of each month, I change up the Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast playlist on Spotify with 10 new songs. This past month, I received SO many incredible submissions from bands.

Pop-Punk & Pizza #116: Demi The Daredevil
October 06, 2020

Now that October is here, spooky season is in full swing! The best way I could think of to celebrate was to introduce you to some new creepy awesome music. Demi The Daredevil is an innovative one man band compromised of a guy named, Jeff Azar.