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The Workr Beeing Podcast

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Support and Bereavement
October 07, 2021

The past year has been really rough and a lot of us are grieving a loss. Unfortunately, we know a lot of companies are not good with handling death and grief beyond simple bereavement policies. Today, we breakdown new research about how companies and lead

Lonely at Work?
September 30, 2021

Many people have been experiencing loneliness in the workplace as they are adjusting to working remotely or recovering from economic instability. What should you do if you are lonely at work? Self-care might be the answer. Find out how to care for yoursel

Video Calls With Dr. Allison Gabriel And Dr. Kristen Shockley
September 23, 2021

We were so lucky to be joined by Dr. Allison Gabriel and Dr. Kristen Shockley to discuss their amazing new research. We dive into why video calls can be harmful and who is most impacted. Listen in as we chat about this groundbreaking research with the res

Mothers Need Support Now!
September 16, 2021

Mothers remain primary caretakers for children around the world. Yet, when they are returning from maternity leave, they often feel anxious that their workplaces won’t support their work-life goals. Organizational support is crucial for working moms – and

Reunion and Planning
September 09, 2021

Over the long weekend, Katina and I got together for some strategic planning! During our reunion, we explored Palm Springs and still managed to create a 5 year plan. Listen in to hear more about what’s coming next for Workr Beeing! Links: Workr Beeing R

Keep Moving for Work-Life Balance!
September 01, 2021

Want to improve your work-life balance? New research suggests that moving throughout the day might be the key! Listen in as we break down a study on how steps can help you find balance. Links: Calderwood, Gabriel, ten Brummelhuis, Rosen, & Rost (202

Grandparents Build Balance
August 26, 2021

Are you getting the help you need to take care of your kids? Do you ever lean on your parents or your partner's parents for childcare? Check out this week's episode to learn more about the research on whether or not grandparents can help your work-life ba

Reduce Effects Of Job Loss
August 19, 2021

Losing a job is very stressful. But, there may be things you can do to alleviate some of that stress. So many people lost jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. This episode might help you or others to cope. Learn how to maintain your well-being during times

What Are Your Boundaries?
August 12, 2021

Are you a segmenter or an integrator? How do you make boundaries at work? In this episode, we break down new research that helps you understand your boundaries and how mindfulness can help work-life balance! Links: Althammer, Reis, van der Beek, Beck, &

Should Companies Require Remote Work?
August 05, 2021

A lot of the research conducted on the benefits of working from home was based on employees who worked remotely only some of the time. We know less about what happens when employees have to work from home full time. Recent research analyzed tweets during