Thriving at Work with Dr. Patricia Grabarek and Dr. Katina Sawyer

Thriving at Work with Dr. Patricia Grabarek and Dr. Katina Sawyer

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The Upsides of Coming Out at Work
June 13, 2024

When it comes to revealing a potentially stigmatized identity to coworkers, there are risks. Yet, if people only focus on risks of coming out, the joys of doing so could be overlooked. In this episode

Why Supporting Family Life Matters
May 30, 2024

Your leader can make all the difference in how you manage work and family life. A new meta-analysis looks at all the great research on Family Supportive Supervisor Behaviors (FSSB) to understand the i

Are Your Needs Being Met Through Work?
May 16, 2024

We all have needs in work and in life. But, some of our needs run deeper. Those are human needs! We all have them and if we dont support them, our wellbeing worsens. Is your work helping to support

How to Manage Chronic Health Conditions at Work
May 02, 2024

Managing a chronic health condition can be extremely difficult. Yet, people have to do it all the time in their personal lives and at work. Luckily, some new research is providing some insights on how

Is Courage Contagious?
April 18, 2024

When people act as allies, they often assume that their actions will inspire others. But, new research shows that may not always be the case. In fact, these acts might make observers feel deflated ins

Problems With Too Much Psychological Capital
April 05, 2024

Psychological capital is a set of resources that can help improve your performance and your well-being. We love promoting this concept and encouraging people to develop their psychological capital. Ho

Conversation with Geoffrey Roche: Learn from a Top Wellness Leader!
March 21, 2024

Are you interested in hearing tips from one of the top wellness leaders in the world? We were! And we learned a ton and now you can too. Listen to learn how Geoffrey Roche (Director of Workforce Devel

How Toxic Air Creates Toxic Leaders
March 07, 2024

Have you ever thought about how air pollution impacts the workplace? New research shows that bad air quality can actually impact how people act at work. Toxic air can create toxic leaders! Research an

How to be Happy and Healthy in Retirement
February 22, 2024

Most people think of financial planning when they think of retirement. But, have you ever considered planning for your social life in retirement? Learn why you should and how to do it! Research and Ad

Why Are You Drowsy?
February 08, 2024

How often are you feeling drowsy at work? Can you pinpoint when it happens? New research finds that drowsiness can often occur after virtual meetings. Learn why and how you can avoid that type of fati