Vaginance | Money & Life In The New Roaring 20s

Vaginance | Money & Life In The New Roaring 20s

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Guess The Price: Space Edition | 23
August 04, 2021

Our first OFFICIAL Guess The Price gameshow featuring all manner of space memorabilia! Special guest Loren Grush goes head-to-head with Maggie & Taylor with wild guesses on the price of everything fro

Meet Loren Grush | Space Journalist | 22
August 04, 2021

Today were getting to know Loren Grush, universe renowned Space Journalist. Discover how her relationship with money has changed over the years & enjoy a laugh with us over awkward dating stories. Lo

Debt, Credit Scores & Table Saws | 21
July 14, 2021

Surprisingly, only 1 of these comes with an instruction manual. Why your credit score is important even if you don’t plan on taking out debt & how to get it in tip-top shape. We’re breaking down diffe

Berkshire Hathaway Meeting Hot Takes and Take Aways | 20
June 30, 2021

We watched the Berkshire Hathaway 2021 Annual Shareholders Meeting so you don’t have to! Enjoy salacious commentary on Warren Buffett’s wildly naive perspective on health care and retail investors, an

Investing Styles & Risk Tolerance | 19
June 16, 2021

Are you a Growth or Value Investor? Do you love a risky crypto investment or cling to the financial stability of cash in the bank? This week we get into active vs passive investing, real estate vs stocks, mortgage math, capital gains tax hikes,

Sex Communication & Relationship Transitions | 18
June 02, 2021

Tell me what you want, what you really really want. The art of Shame Free Sex talks without having to put everything on the table. Navigating new relationships, moving in together & spending time apart. Why no one wants to be a project manager in their...

Sex Toys, Lube & Ice Cream | 17
May 19, 2021

Want to know what’s hiding in our sex drawer? We’re diving deep into sex toys, homemade lube, flavoured blow jobs, alien impregnation, lingerie & bondage. Then we go cerebral with talk of the elusive female orgasm,

Retirement Accounts Galore | 16
May 05, 2021

401k-IRA-Roth-GOAT What does it all mean?! We break it down, make it sexy, and even share the secret to why low income years (from unemployment to stay-at-home parenting) might just be your new favourite thing. Whether you plan on normal retirement,

Cryptocurrency & WTF is a Blockchain? | 15
April 21, 2021

Wondering why everyone is so damn hot & bothered over crypto lately? Should you jump on the trend or have you missed the crypto millionaire boat? Are NFTs designed for more than art? Join us as we fall down our favourite philosophical black hole of won...

Snowpocalypse & Since | Coffee Date | 14
April 21, 2021

Guess who’s got a boyfriend & a new car! In this episode, we rave about buying cars with Carvana, Poshmark side hustles, whether or not it’s worth trying to keep up with the latest finance news, and our travel plans near & far as COVID vaccines start r...