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Vaginance | Money & Life In The New Roaring 20s

Real Estate & First Time Homebuying: The Process | 25

October 01, 2021

Overwhelmed by the thought of buying a house? We walk you through the process from a year before you start looking until move in day. We also get into the tax benefits for homeowners and the often ignored ethics of being a landlord. BONUS: Becca submits her first ever offer on a house LIVE On Air.

* Tax Benefits of buying a house + the difference between tax deductions and tax credits* What does Escrow even mean? PMI? Title Insurance?* All the types of cash you need throughout the purchase process: option fee, earnest money, down payment, closing costs.* How much should you put down for a down payment?* Scams to watch out for when you buy a house.* Real Estate Agents & Mortgage Brokers* The “Vanity Metric” that drives Jewels crazy.* Typical landlords and the Ethics of providing housing for people.* Book Recommendations: * Retire Early With Real Estate* Tax Strategies For The Savvy Real Estate Investor* Real Estate Loopholes