Vaginance | Money & Life In The New Roaring 20s

Vaginance | Money & Life In The New Roaring 20s

Guess The Price: Space Edition | 23

August 04, 2021

Our first OFFICIAL Guess The Price gameshow featuring all manner of space memorabilia! Special guest Loren Grush goes head-to-head with Maggie & Taylor with wild guesses on the price of everything from Soviet Moon Rocks to Golden Astronaut Hand Casts. Place your own bets and then listen to find out who has a failure to launch and who overshoots into outer space.

Soviet Collected Moon Rocks

Collected during the 1970 Soviet Luna-16 mission and gifted to the widow of Russian space-program pioneer Sergei Korolev.

Sold by Sotheby’s in 2018 for $855,000

Astronaut Hand Casts

15 plaster hand casts used as models for making spacesuit gloves for the Apollo astronauts.

Sold by Bonhams in 2016 for $155,000

Snoopy Astronaut Doll

Signed by Apollo 10 Commander Tom Stafford: “Snoopy, LM-4 Call Sign, Tom Stafford, Apollo X Cdr, May 69“

Sold by Bonhams in 2015 for $1,875

Apollo 13 Flight Plan

Presented it to the mission’s Lead Flight Planner after the crew autographed it and wrote, “To Bob — A truly perfect flight plan as far as we got.”

Sold by Sotheby’s in 2017 for $250,000

Neil Armstrong’s Lunar Sample Bag

With remnants of moon dust inside, this piece is the most expensive NASA artifact sold to date.

Sold by Sotheby’s in 2017 for $1,800,000