TXBiobytes from Texas Biomed

TXBiobytes from Texas Biomed

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TX Biobytes from Texas Biomed Episode 052— Understanding Variants
February 25, 2021

The United States reached another solemn milestone this week. 500 thousand people have lost their lives to COVID-19. - This pandemic has drastically changed our world in ways no one could have imagine

TX Biobytes from Texas Biomed Episode 051 — Second Annual Research Symposium 2020
April 08, 2020

Post Doctorate Fellow Marco Ferrari (L) presents his research poster during the Second Annual Research Symposium in February. - Texas Biomed held its second annual research symposium in February. Known as Research Day,

TX Biobytes from Texas Biomed Episode 050 — New Coronavirus: Q&A
February 26, 2020

New Coronavirus - Credit: NIH NIAID - As of today, February 26, 2020, the new coronavirus has infected more than 80,000 people worldwide, causing more than 2,200 deaths, and continues to be spreading. The CDC has warned that the virus is likely to spr...

TX Biobytes from Texas Biomed Episode 049 — Texas Biomed: 2020 and Beyond
January 21, 2020

Texas Biomed President/CEO Larry Schlesinger, M.D. - Texas Biomed launched a 10-year strategic plan in 2018 that aims to bring hundreds of jobs to San Antonio and double basic biomedical research funding at the Institute in order to ensure we fulfill ...

TX Biobytes from Texas Biomed Episode 048— Texas Biomed: The Next Generation
December 03, 2019

Texas Biomed trainees team up to produce a podcast about their experiences. - Biomedical research trainees are an important part of the team of scientists at Texas Biomed. The next generation of innovative thinkers will grow out of those people workin...

TX Biobytes from Texas Biomed Episode 047 — Teaming Up to Tackle AIDS
November 19, 2019

Texas Biomed Professor Luis Giavedoni, Ph.D., served as co-chair for the Symposium - The Southwest National Primate Research Center hosted to 37th Annual Symposium on Nonhuman Primate models for AIDS at the Omni La Mansion del Rio Hotel in the fall of...

TX Biobytes from Texas Biomed Episode 046 — Much Ado About Aging
November 05, 2019

Associate Professor Corrina Ross, Ph.D. - One of the biggest risk factors for disease and death is – of course – aging. What if there were common medications for sick people that could be given to otherwise healthy people to help them stay healthier l...

TX Biobytes from Texas Biomed Episode 045 — Science: A Family Affair
October 22, 2019

Once a year, Texas Biomed opens up the campus for family and friends to see what employees do every day to combat the threat of infectious diseases. We call it Family Night, a rare opportunity for spouses, children, aunts,

TX Biobytes from Texas Biomed Episode 044 — Vet Techs: Nurses for Animals
October 08, 2019

Vet Tech Supervisor Laurie Condel at an ultrasound machine -   - Veterinary Research Technicians are some of the most important people on our campus. They are sometimes referred to as "nurses for animals." -

TX Biobytes from Texas Biomed Episode 043 — Taking on Tuberculosis
September 24, 2019

Staff Scientist Eusondiia Arnett, Ph.D., and Professor Larry Schlesinger, M.D. - New discoveries in laboratories at Texas Biomed could lead to a new set of drugs that will ultimately cure tuberculosis (TB).