TXBiobytes from Texas Biomed

TXBiobytes from Texas Biomed

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TX Biobytes from Texas Biomed Episode 042 — Considering Cannabinoids
September 10, 2019

Professor Mahesh Mohan, Ph.D. and Professor Deepak Kaushal, Ph.D., Director of the SNPRC - The newest professor at our biomedical research institute is Dr. Mahesh Mohan. His research is focused on HIV…the virus that causes AIDS. However,

TX Biobytes from Texas Biomed Episode 041 — Quantitative Biology adds up to New Insights
August 27, 2019

Assistant Professor Diako Ebrahimi, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor Diako Ebrahimi, Ph.D., is one of the newest faculty members at Texas Biomedical Research Institute. He’s a quantitative biologist.  His job is to take massive amounts of data from differe...

TX Byobytes from Texas Biomed Episode 040 — In Favor of Vaccinations
August 13, 2019

Professor Joanne Turner, Ph.D.VP for Research - As students gear up to head back to classes, public health officials and school districts encourage parents to make sure their children are up-to-date on their immunizations.

TX Biobytes from Texas Biomed Episode 039 — Discovery + Learning = Success
July 31, 2019

Texas Biomed strives to create an educationally rich learning environment. As part of that initiative, 21 college and university students have spent summer 2019 interning on the campus. They are science and support staff workers.

TX Biobytes from Texas Biomed Episode 038 — Aging Answers: Combating Cognitive Decline
July 16, 2019

Associate Professor Marcel Daadi, Ph.D. - One of the newest research projects at the Southwest National Primate Center on the campus of Texas Biomed is a study to figure out if a drug -- already approved by the Food and Drug Administration -- can help...

TX Biobytes from Texas Biomed Episode 037 — The Heart of the Problem: A Genetic Study of Native Americans
July 02, 2019

Thirty years ago, NIH-funded researchers began looking at particular risk factors for heart disease in the Native American population. What Texas Biomed scientists and collaborators across the country have found is impacting all of us. - Now,

TX Biobytes from Texas Biomed Episode 036 — Animal Behaviorists: Monitoring the Monkeys
June 18, 2019

Heath Nevill records behavior of baboons at the SNPRC. - Texas Biomed is home to one of only seven National Primate Research Centers in the country. We house more than 2,000 nonhuman primates including baboons, rhesus macaques and marmosets.

TX Biobytes from Texas Biomed Episode 035 — The Buzz About Zika
June 04, 2019

Zika VirusCourtesy: NIH Image Gallery - What’s the latest buzz about Zika? The mosquito-borne virus is still infecting people around the globe -- even in the U.S. -- and putting unborn babies in particular at risk.

TXBioBytes from Texas Biomed Episode 034 — The impact of marmosets from A to Z: Aging to Zika
May 07, 2019

Marmosets are small New World monkeys from South America. © Clem Spalding 210-271-7273 - Marmosets are a useful biomedical research animal model that is growing in popularity with researchers. The monkeys' small size and shorter life span make it an e...

TXBioBytes from Texas Biomed Episode 033 — Celebrating Biomedical Research Awareness Day
April 23, 2019

Enrichment specialists at Texas Biomed celebrate BRAD by treating the research animals to Fiesta munchies. - We owe many ways to treat and prevent disease to biomedical research, but none of our scientific discoveries would be possible without teamwor...