TXBiobytes from Texas Biomed

TXBiobytes from Texas Biomed

TX Biobytes from Texas Biomed Episode 049 — Texas Biomed: 2020 and Beyond

January 21, 2020

Texas Biomed President/CEO Larry Schlesinger, M.D.

Texas Biomed launched a 10-year strategic plan in 2018 that aims to bring hundreds of jobs to San Antonio and double basic biomedical research funding at the Institute in order to ensure we fulfill our mission to protect you, your loved ones and our global community from the threat of infectious diseases.

Recent headlines in the New York Times report "First Wuhan Coronavirus Patient Identified in the United States" and "W.H.O. Warns That Pipeline for New Antibiotics Is Running Dry." Daily news reports worldwide, like these, underscore not only the threat of new, emerging diseases but the resurgence of infectious diseases, like measles, as well as the global scourges of malaria, tuberculosis, HIV and other diseases that continue claiming the lives of millions worldwide.

We sat down with President and CEO of Texas Biomed Dr. Larry Schlesinger to learn how we can get ahead of these threats and what he hopes Texas Biomed's role will be in the coming decade? Join us for our one-on-one conversation.