Two Top Podcast

Two Top Podcast

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Ep. 108 - Prizes for Lemons
December 26, 2019

We are talking about great inventions and scientific discoveries this week.

Ep. 107 - Napping with the Ghosts
November 08, 2019

Why do we nap and what makes the perfect nap. Are ghosts real? and if they are how can they talk to us.

Ep. 106 - The Montauk Project
October 31, 2019

On this spooky halloween episode, we discuss the mysteries and secrets of the Montauk project.

Ep. 105 - Uber from Space (Ridesharing and Meteors)
October 23, 2019

We are talking about Ridesharing and the fall of the new york taxi. We also go into the rocks from space.

Ep. 104 - Constructing a forbidden drink (Concrete and Wormwood)
October 16, 2019

This week was are talking about the history and future of concrete and the myths and stories of wormwood.

Ep. 103 - Swamp Flavored Bubble Gum
October 08, 2019

history of bubble gum and swamps

Ep. 102 - Ice Cream Probability
September 19, 2019

Monty Hall Problem and how fast ice cream melts

Ep. 101 - Playing Cards in Space
September 10, 2019

Lets learn the process of going to space and the history of the playing card.

Ep. 100 - the Season 2 Review
September 03, 2019

end of season 2 review and talks of what is to come

Ep. 99 - McDonalds for Dogs
August 21, 2019

McDonalds is a giant that has created the fast food craze of today. Also what do dogs see with their eyes.