Torque Factor

Torque Factor

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Episode 7: Mobile air conditioning, a new approach to diagnostics
July 29, 2020

Michael Ingvardsen from Nissens Automotive joins Scott Brown for a conversation about modern A/C systems and the different service challenges newer vehicles present over their predecessors.

Episode 6: Solutions for dealing with obsolete electronics parts
June 29, 2020

Jorge Menchu from AESwave and Matt Fanslow with Riverside Automotive discuss how technicians can gain the skills needed to address the challenges of dealing with obsolete electronics parts in the vehicles in today’s shops.

Episode 5: Bob Gruszczynski on OBD communications and regulations
May 28, 2020

Bob Gruszczynski, retired OBD communications expert from the VW Group of America, discusses the OBD of today as well as what the future may have in store for vehicle communications.

Episode 4: Dirk Fuchs on electrification training and certification
April 22, 2020

Dirk Fuchs, technical training manager with ZF Aftermarket, discusses vehicle electrification and how training and certification can benefit the industry.

Episode 3: Gangolf Feiter on future technology and secure vehicle interface
March 25, 2020

Gangolf Feiter, principal and electrical engineer in Germany working on the secure vehicle interface (SVI) with the International Standards Organization (ISO), the Auto Care Association, and other organizations discusses the SVI and future technologies.

Episode 2: Paul Baltusis on OBD-II Mode $06
February 17, 2020

Paul Baltusis, an OBD-II systems engineer retired from Ford Motor Company after 37 years, discusses diagnostics using OBD-II Mode $06 on variable valve timing.

Episode 1: Peter Coll, Neutronics, on R-1234yf
January 15, 2020

Peter Coll, vice president of Neutronics, discusses all things R-1234yf refrigerant; NASTF Ford IDS update, automotive service youth education, case studies, recalls, and more.