Torque Factor

Torque Factor

Episode 1: Peter Coll, Neutronics, on R-1234yf

January 15, 2020

In the inaugural episode of Torque Factor, featured guest Peter Coll, vice president of Neutronics, discusses all things R-1234yf refrigerant.

  • Recalls: NTB19-064B – Nissan Rogue. ADAS false activation forward automated emergency braking; 19V-645 – General Motors. Enhanced EBCM software for vacuum deficiencies due to failing mechanical vacuum pumps.

  • Case study: Diagnostic Network covers using a prove and lab scope to locate intermittent shorts cause by in-tank electric pump circuit on a 2001 Chevrolet Suburban.

  • NASTF update: Donny Seyfer, manager, NASTF, discusses the Ford IDS scan tool; programming errors with ECMs; and GM service website issues.

  • Education: Steve Ford, the “Car Guy,” discusses automotive education issues.

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