The Vibe Juice Podcast

The Vibe Juice Podcast

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What You Say May Get You Fired and Disinvited, with Exceptions – EP008
December 18, 2018

It's post-Thanksgiving and after a bit of a hiatus, Christopher J and Song B are back in December to closeout the year and bang it out on all that’s been vibing in American sports, politics and society.   First,

No Time For P.C.- V-O-T-E! – EP007
November 04, 2018

Welcome to the VIBE JUICE episode 7 with returning co-host, the dynamic, talented, insightfully expressive - VJ Favorite, Christopher Jeffery. Rah... Yay…! Rah! THE JUICE OF THE WEEK - extended discussions this week starting with John Gruden's poorly ...

JUST VOTE! Kanye and ‘While Black in America’ EP006
October 22, 2018

Joining the ViBe CrEw once again is a VIBE JUICE favorite Christopher Jeffery.  In the Juice of the Week segment, 'While Black In America' we take a look at the many recently recorded incidents (thanks to FaceBook Live).

Home Grown Oakland with Christopher Jeffery EP 005
October 07, 2018

This weeks co-host is local talent Christopher Jeffery.  His is a former veteran, a singer and graduate of film school at University of Pacific with soon to release his project called "Colonize." - Christopher was raised in Oakland and excelled in mus...

Learn For Yo’self: Oakland Mayor’s Race and Dallas Episode 004
September 17, 2018

This episode features  Sonja 'Song B.' and new co-host Ali Ar Rasheed, J.D. business consultant and organizational development gives background on the now defunct New College, discusses mayoral race, rank choice voting system and the importance of conn...

Will the Real LeBron please stand up -episode 003
September 03, 2018

In this week's episode, co-host Just James drops juice on BBQ Becky tapes,  unapologetic Lebron James version 5.0 revealed on his new show 'The Shop.'  Bishop and Pastor Charles Ellis III apologizes for slipping a grab of Ariana Grande's boob during th...

Ye In The OjZone episode 002
August 22, 2018

Song Bee and this week co-host Just James talks about notable greats of sports and entertainment doing good things; LeBron James I Promise school opening, Steph Curry fund raising basket ball event and Snoop Lion's (Dogg) special needs football camp.

Everybody Has Baggage, Baby episode 001
August 08, 2018

Song Bee has a casual chat and vibe with Robin May Baby accompanied her recipe for Tequila and Ginger Kombucha with a squeeze of lime.  Sip and talk about relationship baggage and Song Bee talks about leaving the baggage behind and start each new relat...