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The Vibe Juice Podcast

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Dirty Quid Pro Quo Drawers Corrupting America – EP016
November 05, 2019

An American President's Dirty Drawers Swamp Juice: An American President's Dirty Drawers.  Trump’s stinky business of Quid Pro Quo is corrupting America.  His latest crime is launching the greatest military blunder of pulling military out of Syria and...

Gunz A Blazin: Another Day In The USA – EP015
August 13, 2019

We're back after a few weeks off.  Christopher Jeffrey and Sonja 'Song B' does some catching up over the past few weeks of events in America.  Starting with the second round of democratic debates, Trumps attack on 'the squad' to the horrific shootings ...

Death of Democracy? A Walmart Candidacy Race – EP014
July 01, 2019

Happy Pride Weekend.   Here's the weekly rundown in Orange politics, conspiracy and fascism from the swamp, Trump meets Kim Jun Un at DMZ;  newly enforced travel restrictions to Cuba, and Trump’s new skeletal boners reveals another sexual violation.

The Barr Hangover -EP013
May 12, 2019

Welcome to the VIBE JUICE podcast episode 15 - The Barr Hangover.   Yes, this is a fiery one and Christopher Jeffrey hold nothing back and puts Mueller on blasts along with Barr leaving America with an awful hangover.

Escaping the Matrix – EP 012
March 30, 2019

Chief Saba Christopher J. VIBE JUICE Episode 12 features a Vibe Crew trio with Song B., Christopher Jeffery and Chief Saba Ali Ar Rasheed as we jump deep into the swamp juice and leave enough room to dangle our feet into the booty juice.

Keep Democracy in Tact – EP011
March 01, 2019

Sonja Brooks the 'Song B' and Christopher Jeffery Episode begins with more juice from the swamp with Christopher J. and Song B. discussing the Cohen hearings beginning with Republican Representative Mark Meadows attempt to shut down the hearing befor...

Swamp Juice with Christopher Jeffery- EP010
February 11, 2019

Swamp Juice is the theme of this episode and ironically befitting with the mud and pigs of American politics in the Chinese lunar year of the Pig.  Gung Hay Fat Choy- Happy New Year.   In this episode Sonja 'Song B.

A Little Whiskey and Deejay Wiley – EP009
January 17, 2019

Oakland Deejay, Phil "DJ Wiley E" the Spaniard joins the Vibe Crew with Song Bee in this episode. He talks about the deejay industry; battling with other deejays and Doppelganger Dee Jays in other places with same name.

What You Say May Get You Fired and Disinvited, with Exceptions – EP008
December 18, 2018

It's post-Thanksgiving and after a bit of a hiatus, Christopher J and Song B are back in December to closeout the year and bang it out on all that’s been vibing in American sports, politics and society.   First,

No Time For P.C.- V-O-T-E! – EP007
November 04, 2018

Welcome to the VIBE JUICE episode 7 with returning co-host, the dynamic, talented, insightfully expressive - VJ Favorite, Christopher Jeffery. Rah... Yay…! Rah! THE JUICE OF THE WEEK - extended discussions this week starting with John Gruden's poorly ...