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The Vibe Juice Podcast

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DeFooFoo vs Disney and Celebrating Harry Belafonte! EP 46
May 04, 2023

After a long hiatus, the Song B and Ali are back! Ali shares his new work in social impact reentry populations and day reporting centers; try to understand DeSantis's crazy thinking vs Disney and the

“There’s a New Sheriff in Town, Leticia James” – EP 045
October 17, 2022

In this episode who is Disrupting America is the incomparably focused Attorney General Latricia James of the Manhattan District of New York. The Vibe Crew dives into the $250 million civil suit f

Lunapox: Learn What You Don’t Know -EP44
August 08, 2022

Lunacy has gone viral. Lunapox is here and behold, the list of some who have it and are currently disrupting America; Alex Jones conspiracy theorist found guilty and libel; Hershel Walker the new CTI

Don’t Let The Crazy Make You Crazy -EP43
June 26, 2022

Disrupting America today are alcohol, tobacco, firearms; mass shooting, social media; the alleged "Christian Right exasperated with "the Conservative Overthrow ofRoe vs Wade. So - whats next: Relax

Rise of the Radicalized Youth – EP42
May 22, 2022

The Vibe Crew looks into the young extremist who are 'disrupting America.' Where and how they are becoming manipulated, influenced, brainwashed and politicized. Recent terrorist activities starting wi

Rooting Tootin Valdimir Putin – EP41
March 21, 2022

Putin's motive for launching war upon Ukraine has caused death, destruction and pure havoc in the Ukraine and neighboring countries. The US and NATO nations are troubled and the Vibe Crew Song B.and A

Questioning Political Morality -EP40
February 21, 2022

Geopolitics and political morality in todays issues; Putins threat of invading Ukraine; Trumps removal of classified information from Whitehouse; Judge Chus sentencing of Dontes Woods killer Kim

Supreme Court + Woman of Color EP39
February 06, 2022

Justice Stephen Breyer 83 soon to be replaced, possibly by a woman of color. The Vibe Crew discusses possible selection of African American female judges that may be under consideration. Additional to

Vibe Crew Happy Holidays and Happy Kwanzaa
December 26, 2021

Happy Holidays and Happy 2022! Song B. and Ali Ar Rashid will be away until January. So stayed tuned, like, subscribe and share.

Roe vs Wade and Population Control- EP38
December 05, 2021

Dr. Oz running as Republican for Senate race of Pennsylvania and the only thing he has spoken on is immigration and anti-abortion. How ludicrous it is for the government to control women's body in 202