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The SpaRetailer Podcast

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Episode #39, The Legend
December 04, 2019

Megan and Jeff talk to John Bokor, aka Legend, and the face of the YouTube channel Legendary Pools & Spas. A regional sales rep with Haviland chemicals, John and “the other John” put together fun, informational and educational videos about the pool and...

Episode #38, Two Locations, Two Brands with David Isaacs
November 13, 2019

David Isaacs, owner of Isaacs Pools and Spas in Johnson City, Tennessee, talks about taking over the family business. The company went from a “small time” pool builder in Elizabethton to now having two retail locations in Johnson City,

Episode #37, Focusing on Swim Spas with Joe Stone
October 31, 2019

Most stores that sell swim spas started as hot tub stores and added swim spas down the line. When Joe Stone opened Swim Fitness in 2010, however, his focus from the start was selling swim spas. In fact, Stone thinks of his business as a swim spa store ...

Episode #36, Buying a Store 200 Miles Away, with Scott Clark
October 16, 2019

Scott Clark has added four locations since he and his wife Shelley opened The Spa and Sauna Co. in Reno, for a total of five stores. But the last two stores he opened are more than 200 miles and a state away from his headquarters.

Episode #35, Justin Miller, founder of pHin, part 2
October 02, 2019

The second half of our conversation with Justin Miller, the founder of pHin. We talk about how pHin specifically works in hot tubs, and how Jeff is planning on using them in his company. We also touch on the inline hot tub version of pHin that’s curren...

Episode #34, Justin Miller, founder of pHin, part 1
September 18, 2019

Justin Miller has a background unlike any other we’ve had on the podcast before — NASA, Apple, eBay and Comcast just to name a few. His focus on customer experience at those companies helped lead him and a partner to develop pHin,

Episode #33, Introducing the SpaRetailer 10
September 04, 2019

Megan and Jeff are back with a new season of The SpaRetailer Podcast. We chat about our sudden departure last season, what we’ve been up to this summer (Megan reveals a big surprise) and what we’ve got coming up on episodes this fall.

Episode #32, Small Business Marketing with Sean Doyle
May 08, 2019

Sean Doyle, longtime marketer and author of Shift, joins us on the podcast to discuss the marketing challenges facing small business owners. Sean works with businesses to help evaluate their marketing and develop a better strategy.

Episode #31, Google & Yelp Reviews with Dan Friedman
April 16, 2019

Dan Friedman from The Hot Tub Store joins us on the podcast to talk about reviews. He was recently interviewed for a story on Yelp, and we talk about that as well as Google reviews. Jeff and Dan’s stores both use Broadly to help them manage reviews,

Episode #30, The Freight State with Doug Punzel from Celtic Intermodal
March 27, 2019

In the February/March issue of SpaRetailer, we outlined how the trucker shortage was impacting hot tub retailers. This week on The SpaRetailer Podcast we talk to a transportation expert about some of the issues facing that industry. Doug Punzel,