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The SpaRetailer Podcast

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Episode #48, Two Drinks with the Legend
November 04, 2020

Neither Jeff nor Megan were able to enjoy the libations during this conversation between two industry legends. Haviland graciously recorded a podcast episode for us, and John “Legend” Bokor, who we had on back Episode #39 chats lakeside with longtime H...

Episode #47, Flourishing During Corona, with Kathi Belcourt
May 28, 2020

Aqua-Tech Pools, Hot Tubs and Bathrooms has pivoted to not only survive the pandemic, but to thrive. Showroom manager, Kathi Belcourt, shares what they’ve done to keep sales flowing. This episode is sponsored by Strong Spas.

Episode #46, Find and Convert Online Leads with Ben Poggemiller
April 15, 2020

Ben Poggemiller is a digital marketer turned hot tub business owner in Manitoba, Canada. He’s used his marketing background to put together a successful system to collect leads and sell spas without ever seeing a customer face-to-face.

Episode #45, Selling Spas in the Time of COVID — Webinar Recast
April 10, 2020

Listen to a rebroadcast of a free webinar conducted by Clear Comfort and SpaRetailer. Megan is joined by Steve Berens to discuss how to conduct business while also social distancing. A few of the things covered include: Technologies for engagement and ...

Episode #44, Coronavirus Fallout and Silver Linings, with Don Riling
April 01, 2020

Don Riling, owner of Olympic Hot Tub, joins Megan on the podcast to talk about COVID-19 and how it is impacting his Seattle business. Riling had to close all of his stores after the state issued a stay-home mandate, which meant laying off 16 people.

Episode #43, Training with Greg Welsh
March 05, 2020

If you haven’t met Greg Welsh you’ve probably heard his name before. Welsh is a longtime sales trainer in the hot tub industry, having started his career selling hot tubs in Portland before working for Watkins Manufacturing.

Episode #42, Selling to a New Generation with Steve Berens of Clear Comfort
February 19, 2020

Jeff and Megan talk to Steve Berens, the founder and CEO of Clear Comfort. Steve talks to us about his AOP system and what it does, but also what the next generation of hot tub buyers is going to demand from their hot tubs and buying experience.

Episode #41, New Marketing Tools with Jamie Novak from NC Brands
February 05, 2020

Jamie Novak, NC Brands brand manager at BioLab, joins us on the podcast. Novak is about to complete her MBA from the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, and talks about new marketing techniques to help you stand out in all the advertising noise.

Episode #40, A Look Back at 2019
December 31, 2019

Goodbye 2019! Megan and Jeff review the year for The SpaRetailer Podcast, the hot tub industry and their lives. We’ll be back with new episodes in February.

Episode #39, The Legend
December 04, 2019

Megan and Jeff talk to John Bokor, aka Legend, and the face of the YouTube channel Legendary Pools & Spas. A regional sales rep with Haviland chemicals, John and “the other John” put together fun, informational and educational videos about the pool and...