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The SpaRetailer Podcast

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Episode #55 from Hot Tubs Direct to an Automatic Cover Lifter with Andy Tournas
February 10, 2021

Andy Tournas, founder of ThermoSpas, Hot Tub Products and the International Hot Tub Association, joins us on the podcast today to talk about all three. Andy reflects on his time in the industry, and s

Episode #54, The Long Game with Ben Poggemiller
January 27, 2021

Ben Poggemiller from Urban Life Pools & Hot Tubs joins us again to share what’s changed in his business since we spoke at the beginning of the pandemic. He talks about how they’re handling ordering, s

Episode #53, A Two-Year Building Project, Opening During Covid, with Ronak Shah
January 13, 2021

Ronak Shah runs Oklahoma-based Galaxy Home Recreation with his sister and extended family. Two years ago they started construction on a new location in Edmond, Oklahoma, an affluent suburb of Oklahoma

Episode #52, The Rep Life with Dennis Gentek, Jacuzzi/Sundance
December 30, 2020

Dennis Gentek has pretty much seen it all in the hot tub industry. His 32-year career in the industry, spent almost exclusively as a rep for Jacuzzi/Sundance, spans almost every dip, recession and wor

Episode #51, Design with a Purpose, with Vic Walker and Allen Kalkomey from CMP
December 16, 2020

We’ve all become keenly aware of supply chains in 2020 — from toilet paper, to groceries, to all the things that make a hot tub. Custom Molded Products, or CMP, is one of the vital suppliers for hot tub manufacturers making everything from jets,

Episode #50, The PHTA’s Strategic Action Plan, with Sabeena Hickman
December 02, 2020

When Sabeena Hickman joined the newly formed PHTA in the fall of 2019, she thought she knew what her biggest challenge would be — continuing to merge two legacy associations. What neither she, or anyone, anticipated was the world being turned upside do...

Episode #49, Surviving a Pandemic as an OEM with Jerry Greer from Core Covers
November 18, 2020

How he went from being a wild kid, to a star Yellow Pages salesman, to hot tub industry entrepreneur. For every business partnership that’s soured, Greer has the opposite tale. We talk to him about his life in the hot tub industry and what happened to ...

Episode #48, Two Drinks with the Legend
November 04, 2020

Neither Jeff nor Megan were able to enjoy the libations during this conversation between two industry legends. Haviland graciously recorded a podcast episode for us, and John “Legend” Bokor, who we had on back Episode #39 chats lakeside with longtime H...

Episode #47, Flourishing During Corona, with Kathi Belcourt
May 28, 2020

Aqua-Tech Pools, Hot Tubs and Bathrooms has pivoted to not only survive the pandemic, but to thrive. Showroom manager, Kathi Belcourt, shares what they’ve done to keep sales flowing. This episode is sponsored by Strong Spas.

Episode #46, Find and Convert Online Leads with Ben Poggemiller
April 15, 2020

Ben Poggemiller is a digital marketer turned hot tub business owner in Manitoba, Canada. He’s used his marketing background to put together a successful system to collect leads and sell spas without ever seeing a customer face-to-face.