The Mom Hour

The Mom Hour

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Getting A Break When There Are No Breaks (And Losing The Guilt About It!)
April 24, 2020

More than a month into safer at home, a day in the life of most moms looks nothing like it did before COVID-19. We’re living in close quarters with small humans (and big humans!) whom we love but may be used to getting an occasional break from.

Mom Milestones (By Popular Request!): Episode 257
April 21, 2020

From making our first "mom friend" to the first time all of our children could stay home alone, today's episodes celebrates the milestones that mark new phases of motherhood. Inspired by a listener question and the enthusiastic response we received for...

Pandemic Perspectives: Preemie Twin Birth + NYC Physician + Grocery Store Manager
April 19, 2020

Jessi watched the national shutdown play out from inside the PICU, where she and her husband were quarantined with their newborn twins (who are now home and doing great!); Gillian's NYC-based medical practice undergoes huge changes while her family gri...

More Listener Questions & Our Advice: Episode 256
April 14, 2020

Does a toddler "need" a formal preschool program if it isn't necessary for childcare purposes? Did we think about kids' birthday timing when we were planning (or not planning) our pregnancies? How can a physically active toddler channel his energy for ...

Pandemic Perspectives: After-School Programs + Friends In China + Pregnant & Married To A Hospital Physician
April 12, 2020

Casey is the director of an after-school program serving vulnerable communities; Megan teaches English online to students in China and watched their families experience COVID-19 before things got serious in the US; Jayme is weeks away from having her s...

Introducing Pandemic Perspectives
April 10, 2020

Join us for conversations with teachers, business owners, healthcare professionals, social workers, partners of first responders, and others who are living, working, and parenting their kids through the COVID-19 global pandemic in a unique or particula...

Listener Questions & Our Advice: Episode 255
April 07, 2020

Working from home with little kids during COVID-19, moving a baby into a shared sibling bedroom, dealing with cancellation disappointment for both mom and kids, and finding small breaks in the long days of stay-at-home parenting: This week's podcast ep...

Freezer Meals, Pantry Staples & The New Reality Of Food Prep With Stacie Billis: Voices 47
April 03, 2020

Meal planning is hard enough for busy families; now families are eating nearly all their meals at home, it's a next-level challenge. So for this month's Voices interview we're bringing back cookbook author and Didn't I Just Feed You?

A Week Of Real-Life Dinners (COVID-19 Edition): Episode 254
March 31, 2020

Plans vs. reality. Pretty menus vs. the aftermath of a spontaneous smörgåsbord. Now, more than ever, we find it fascinating to look back at what our families ate for dinner in a given week and how the reality of those meals departed from our best-laid ...

Spring Cleaning Your Digital Life, Part 3 (Files, Folders & Storage)
March 27, 2020

Tackling digital clutter means working toward a system where there’s a place for everything, and everything is in its place—if that sounds daunting, we get it! Our desktops get messy, too. Join Meagan and Sarah for the final episode in our special seri...