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The Mom Hour

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More Than Mom: Pop Culture Sensations! (Do We Even Care?)
February 09, 2020

When something makes a huge splash and everyone is talking about it, we sometimes find reason to opt out, stay neutral, or even counter with the unpopular opinion. But not always! Sometimes we're just excited about the latest hit thing as the rest of y...

Dating & Romance (For Single Moms & Married Ones, Too!): Voices 45
February 07, 2020

Making room in your life for romance can be really tricky for moms. We're often busy and focused on other things, and if we're single, maybe we're burned out on the dating game. In today's Voices episode, Meagan talks from her personal experienced as a...

Home & Life Products We’re Loving: Episode 246
February 04, 2020

Life just feels easier when we have the right gizmos, doo-dads, odds, and ends to take care of ourselves and our homes. Could we survive using the same broom for another 10 years. Definitely. But would we benefit from reading a few Amazon reviews and c...

Embracing Real Life With Moments That Matter
January 30, 2020

From August through January, life is action-packed: we’re on the go from back-to-school through the holidays, and we enter the new year with high aspirations. And then, in the face of that long stretch between mid-January and spring break,

School Volunteering That Fits Your Personality: Episode 245
January 28, 2020

The preschool and elementary school years provide lots of opportunities to be involved at your kids’ schools…but for many moms the process of finding their place in the school community takes some time. Sarah is deep into the school years now,

More Than Mom: Talking About The Weather (No, Really.)
January 26, 2020

Weather chat has a reputation for being what you talk about when you have nothing else to say…but we have LOTS to say, and we still love to talk about the weather. Climate and temperature has a big impact on our lives as moms—from the clothes we wear a...

Family Food Values & What’s Working For Us: Episode 244
January 21, 2020

We take the long view when it comes to feeding a family: What kind of food experiences and memories do we want our kids to have? What’s the culture around the dishes we serve and the tone around the table? And what are the core values around food and e...

10 Things We Love About Toddlers: Episode 243
January 14, 2020

Toddlers get a bad rap - out in the world and even here on the podcast, where we’ve occasionally uttered the phrase: “One-year-olds are the worst.” But there’s so much to love about the toddler stage, too—from verbal explosion to hilarious antics.

More Than Mom: Small Habits That Make A Big Difference
January 12, 2020

Overhauls and reinventions sound attractive, but they can be overwhelming and even cause us to crash and burn before we ever see results. We’re both interested in the role small habits and little improvements play in our daily rhythms, productivity,

Staying Organized & Motivated As A Full-Time Working Mom with Sarah Hart-Unger: Voices 44
January 10, 2020

A full-time physician with three young kids and a couple of side hustles, Sarah Hart-Unger relies on some time-tested systems to make sure she doesn’t miss a meeting, carves out space for her own creativity,