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The Mom Hour

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Spring Cleaning Your Digital Life, Part 3 (Files, Folders & Storage)
March 27, 2020

Tackling digital clutter means working toward a system where there’s a place for everything, and everything is in its place—if that sounds daunting, we get it! Our desktops get messy, too. Join Meagan and Sarah for the final episode in our special seri...

Spring Cleaning Your Digital Life, Part 2 (Tackling Inbox Clutter)
March 26, 2020

s week we’re busy spring cleaning…our digital space! In Part 2 of this special series, Meagan and Sarah discuss the state of our email inboxes. From whether we aim for “inbox zero” to how we find that email we know is in here somewhere,

Spring Cleaning Your Digital Life, Part 1 (So. Many. Photos.)
March 25, 2020

With lots of time spent at home these days, we’re motivated to do a little spring cleaning…and not only in our physical space. Join us for a special 3-part series this week, all about getting a better handle on our digital clutter. In Part 1,

(Very Specific!) Self-Care Strategies For Stressful Seasons: Episode 253
March 24, 2020

It’s been a week of new reality, new schedules, and new opportunities to get to know ourselves as moms. Along with all the stress and changes brought about by current events, we’ve been thrust into a position of radical self-care,

Homeschool Moms: “You’ve Got This. Here’s What’s Most Important.”
March 19, 2020

Parents everywhere are now the overseers of their kids' remote learning--in other words: Apparently we're all homeschooling now? In this special bonus episode, Sarah chats with two seasoned homeschooling moms about how they manage schedules,

Stuck At Home? Us Too. Here Are Some Ideas: Episode 252
March 17, 2020

Activities and products to keep kids busy? Got 'em. Some tips for setting the tone in your home during a stuck-inside season? Check. Updates on how COVID-19 has affected our communities in Southwest Michigan and Southern California?

More Than Mom: How We’re The Same (And Also Different)
March 15, 2020

Do you naturally match up with friends who share your individual quirks and preferences, or are your relationships more a case of opposites attract? In our years-long working relationship and close (but long-distance) friendship,

Planning Travel & Family Vacations (Part 1): Episode 251
March 10, 2020

Is everyone you know taking a family vacation, or does it sometimes just feel that way? In our experience, there are "vacations" that feel like a lot of work, and other ways to spend school holidays that feel more relaxing and don't break the bank.

Celebrating Neurodiversity & Parenting “Differently Wired” Kids With Debbie Reber: Voices 46
March 06, 2020

If you're parenting a child who walks through the world a little--or a lot--differently, or if you're hoping to raise kids who see differences as opportunities instead of deficits, this conversation is for you. Sarah chats with Debbie Reber,

What One-On-One Time Really Looks Like With Our Kids: Episode 250
March 03, 2020

What’s great about our eight? Getting each of them ALONE once in a while. With big, busy families, we recognizing that connecting with each kid individually is important, but we also firmly believe it doesn’t have to be a fancy structured thing.