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The Mom Hour

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COVID-19, Working Moms, and the Child-Care Crisis: Voices 51
August 07, 2020

With schools across the country increasingly moving in the direction of online-only attendance in the fall, many moms are asking: "How do we make this work?" While homeschool pods, cutting back hours at work and other creative solutions may be a tempor...

The Messes Of Motherhood: Episode 272
August 04, 2020

The messes start even before the baby is born, and they don't stop...they just change form as the years progress. In Episode 272 Meagan and Sarah look back at some of the most epic messes of our mothering years--from diaper blowouts to parking lot puke...

School Decisions For Fall 2020 (Part 2): Episode 271
July 28, 2020

After listening to moms around the country share their feelings about schools re-opening (or not), Meagan and Sarah continue the discussion we started last week by looking at the challenges facing families this fall.

School Decisions For Fall 2020 (Part 1): Episode 270
July 21, 2020

Virtual, on campus, hybrid, or homeschool? For many families, it isn't even a choice; it's whatever the local district decides. For some families, opting out, changing schools, waiting an extra year, or enrolling in an independent study program are opt...

Makeup & Mom Life: Episode 269
July 14, 2020

Remember makeup? And going places? We miss it. Join Meagan and Sarah for a light and fun more-than-mom-ish conversation about how our makeup style has changed from our teen and young adult years through today,

Supporting Kids’ Behavioral Health As The Pandemic Stretches On: Voices 50
July 10, 2020

Regression. Clinginess. Tantrums. Bedtime battles. Mood struggles. We're hearing from moms all over the world about the toll that 2020 is taking on children, from toddlers up through teens. We've had so many posts and questions in our Facebook group th...

Feeding A Family When Things Are In Flux: Episode 268
July 07, 2020

No matter what's going on in the world around you, the people need to eat. In Episode 268 of The Mom Hour, Meagan and Sarah break down the process of feeding a family when you're going through a major life transition (or, say, a global pandemic).

Big Moves, Part Two (Prepping, Packing, Relocating): Episode 267
June 30, 2020

Moving while momming is no small task--and we've been there, trust us. Meagan has mastered the art of the DIY cross-town move to a new home with a whole bunch of kids; Sarah's moves have been fewer and farther between,

Big Moves, Part One (Dreaming, Planning, Deciding): Episode 266
June 23, 2020

Do you dream of packing up the family and moving somewhere new? Or starting fresh in a different home or neighborhood? Maybe the idea of a move isn't yours, but has been introduced by a job change or prompted by family circumstance.

More Things We Shouldn’t Have Freaked Out About: Episode 265
June 16, 2020

In hindsight, was the worry worth it? That's the question Meagan and Sarah are looking at in this week's episode, as we bring back a popular series all about things that stressed us out as less experienced moms.