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The Mom Hour

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Career Challenges & Working Mom Strategies With’s Colleen Curtis: Voices 41
October 04, 2019

Navigating traditional employment while mothering small children brings up so many questions--from negotiating flexible schedules to getting hired while pregnant, promotion challenges and where to pump. In this month's Voices interview Meagan aims to a...

Parenting “Fair” vs. Parenting To The Child: Episode 228
October 01, 2019

Do we set family rules that apply to everyone, or adjust our expectations for individual kids' and their different strengths, struggles, and personalities? Yes. Both. And it's complicated. We loved answering listener Hannah's thoughtful question about ...

Female Friendships & Women We Admire (PLUS Picture Books with Katie): Episode 227
September 24, 2019

Mom-friends are a true gift--but they're just one type of female friendship we've benefitted from over the years. Today we're talking about building relationships with women we admire - mentors, colleagues, fellow entrepreneurs,

More Than Mom: Fall Fitness Pep Talk
September 22, 2019

With kids back in school, we’re looking at taking care of our bodies through regular exercise. Meagan’s already established a new early morning workout routine with some accountability buddies, and Sarah’s ready to start.

Finding Time & Making Time: Episode 226
September 17, 2019

Time-strapped, mom? You’re not alone. This week Meagan and Sarah look at time management through two different lenses: first, how to find pockets of time in your existing schedule to make small but meaningful improvements to your overall productivity,

Sports Fandom & Family Culture: Episode 225
September 10, 2019

Fall means football, whether you care a little bit, a ton, or not at all. This inspired us to talk about the way sports fandom relates to family culture in a broader way--from bonding across generations over a favorite team,

More Than Mom: Being Alone
September 08, 2019

Recently both Meagan and Sarah took trips where they spent significant time alone--like, alone-alone, not "5 minutes in the bathroom with a kid outside the door" alone. This got us thinking about alone-ness in motherhood: the quest to get some,

Feeding Your Family Without The Guilt with Stacie Billis & Meghan Splawn: Voices 40
September 06, 2019

From picky eaters to snacking tweens, independent lunch-packers to dinner woes, this month’s Voices interview episode is packed with tips for feeding your family nutritious meals without the guilt. Hosts of the popular podcast Didn’t I Just Feed You?

Listener Questions (Vol. 21): Episode 224
September 03, 2019

A listener wonders if she's raising a mini-hoarder and we talk about kids who have a hard time parting with their stuff; a mom of elementary-aged kids asks us to talk about after-school grumpiness; a new mom of twins helps us reminisce about infant nap...

Listener Questions (Vol. 20): Episode 223
August 27, 2019

Preschoolers and violent pretend play, navigating changing relationships with grown children, advice for a mom whose 15-month-old is starting a preschool program, and thoughts on talking to our kids about inclusiveness and representation: We're taking ...