The Grief Code

The Grief Code

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How The F#ck Did I End Up Here?!
November 08, 2022

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian discusses the means through which you were able to arrive at a particular point in your life and the circumstances surrounding that point. It could be related to how you're feeling physically or to a choice you made.&nb

The Dip” That Feels Like A Hole Before Things Get Better
November 07, 2022

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian discusses the challenge that you will face if you decide to let go of an outdated belief, practice, or whatever else in your life is no longer contributing to your growth in a positive way.Don’t miss:Learn how to get th

You've Rested But You Still Start Your Week Feeling Tired
November 06, 2022

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian addresses the question of why a person could feel exhausted after having just experienced a long weekend or a period of leisure.Dont miss:Understand the variables that are preventing you from being able to rest, as wel

"Hey Look! A Squirrel!!" - When Distraction Get's The Better Of You All Too Often
November 03, 2022

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian talks about distractions and making a habit to achieve better focus.Dont miss:Understanding that getting sidetracked is a normal part of the process which happens every time you change your direction.The importance of

Embracing Sobriety with Matt Fletcher
November 02, 2022

Episode SummaryIan chats with a committed Coach, Trainer, and Nutritionist, Matt Fletcher. Matt and Ian had a wonderful talk about the struggles with alcohol and drugs and MAtts inspiring journey toward sobriety.Dont miss:Embrace the value of taking res

What Else Do You Need To Know Before January 1st? #2
November 01, 2022

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian talks about the importance of building momentum building into 2023.Dont miss:Finding inspiration that comes internally and motivation that comes externally.Having the resources that will drive you to do things and achi

Are You Waiting Until Everything Is Going Well To Get A Coach?
October 31, 2022

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian shares another valuable lesson about solving things on your own and also with the help of others.Dont miss:There is always room for improvement in the different aspects of your life.Prioritize your sense of purpose and

The Thing With Grief Is….
October 30, 2022

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian talks about the experience of grief and what happens afterward.Dont miss:The valuable lesson from getting so much support in the early days of experiencing loss, and then everyone goes on with the rest of their life.Ac

Why Having An Entrepreneur’s Mindset Will Future-Proof Your Success
October 27, 2022

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian talks about the valuable lessons you can get from having an entrepreneurial spirit and its importance in your growth journey.Dont miss:The importance of continuous progress, adaptation, and improvement can help

Finding Your Personal Truth with Kirsten Barfoot
October 26, 2022

Episode SummaryIan chats with an Australian-based Transformational Speaker, Mentor, and Author of The Inner Wealth Code - Seven Keys for BEING Wealthy, Even in Times of Uncertainty, Kirsten Barfoot. Kirsten and Ian had a marvelous talk about Kirstens jo