The Grief Code

The Grief Code

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Ep 520 - Your Job Pays The Bills, But Do You Love It?
November 23, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian explains how it is possible to reassess your professional path after feeling underappreciated and dissatisfied at work.Find out why it's not worth it to settle for a work that doesn't reflect your beliefs, and how to ad

Ep 519 - Healing Grief With Humour with Pat Armitstead
November 22, 2023

Episode SummaryHeal your unresolved and unknown grief: the Guest:Pat says, "In all that I do, I believe in raising the consciousness of the planet, using the power of joy as a transformative agent, and

Ep 518 - There’s A Hole In The Bottom Of My Brain
November 21, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian discusses the importance of recognising positive reinforcement for filling voids in one's emotional life. Recognise the light and follow the outlined procedures to fill in the shadow of doubt; however, more complic

Ep 516 - Improve Your Communication (The Singing Limp)
November 19, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian talked about the effects of prior experiences on communication and self-doubt. Understand yourself better by learning how to analyse your communication difficulties from the inside out. Recognise the value of

Ep 514 - Becoming A Man With Heart with Rick Lawson
November 15, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian and Rick had an in-depth discussion on perseverance and how it may help you become the guy you've always dreamed of being.Learn how to remind yourself to take modest measures towards pleasure while you are depressed, su

Ep 513 - The Positive Impact Of A Change Of Environment
November 14, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian emphasises the importance of change in life and the development of a plantRealise the importance of change by studying the resiliency of plants.Realise the importance of adapting one's surroundings and one's way of life

Ep 495 - Weary Energy Impacting How You Function
October 19, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian recalls an error he made due to fatigue. Recognise the significance of sleep and self-care to your health. Mastering the art of navigating through uncertainty requires learning to rely on one's own sense of as

Ep 493 - Dealing With Challenging People
October 17, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian believes that difficult individuals in your life are a mirror of unresolved issues within yourself. Master the art of dealing with difficult people and developing yourself. Realise the significance of establis

Ep 492 - Why We Argue
October 16, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian explains why people argue, exposing a need for closure and resolution.Recognise the folly of sticking to dogma and instead learn to embrace change and ambiguity. Realise that it would assist you tremendously to obt

Ep 491 - Chasing Financial Security
October 15, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian talks about the trade-offs he's made between material success and happiness. Find out how to make your own way in the world by pursuing personal development, self-discovery, and financial stability. Learn how