The Grief Code

The Grief Code

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Ep 530 - The End….But Also New Beginnings
December 07, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian talked about personal development and the new podcast focus. Find out when our new podcast about self-mastery will be available. Recognise that growth does not have to come to a stop but rather is the start of

Ep 529 - My Teacher, My Son with Nick Shaw
December 06, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian and Nick had a heart-to-heart about losing a child and finding strength to go on. Find out what it takes to get over a loss and leave a lasting impression.Discover the art of taking a risk, being brave, and choosin

Ep 528 - Planning & Accountability For 2024
December 05, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian discussed the importance of charting a course for one's own development and establishing objectives. Master the art of putting one's physical health ahead of one's mental and emotional wellness. Realise that y

Ep 527 - Simplifying Productivity with Michael Yeung
December 04, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, exploring new professional paths and starting their own businesses were topics of conversation between Ian and Michael. Discover further strategies for managing burnout and breakups via self-awareness and company succe

Ep 526 - Celebrating Your Year
December 03, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian emphasised the value of taking a moment to appreciate one's accomplishments. Embrace the present moment and take account of your achievements. Realise that the key to maintaining motivation and appreciation is

Ep 525 - The Magic Bullet Solution Myth
November 30, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian talked about the importance of incremental steps for self-mastery and sustainable change. Understand the power of small decisions in shaping life.Learn the importance of decisiveness and taking small steps.Discover

Ep 524 - When Your Future Is Taken Away with Phil Hedges
November 29, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian and Phil had an interesting discussion on self-improvement, mental health, and ways to avoid suicide. Realise that first responders must make deliberate decisions and deconstruct their experiences, with an emphasis

Ep 523 - How Do I Know It Will Work For Me?
November 28, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian explains the significance of trust and preparedness for development in business. Discover the art of connecting with those who have been through tough times so you may learn from their experiences and progress.&nbs

Ep 522 - Business Success & Life Balance with Anne Ryan
November 27, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian and Anne had a fantastic chat on overcoming self-doubt and embracing life's flaws. Master the art of guilt management and find a happy medium between your professional and personal life. Learn how parents deal

Ep 521 - There’s Too Much Information When You Want To Improve
November 26, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, Ian talked about how to make sense of too much data. Learn how to leverage unique requirements in your problem-solving. Discover how to make little adjustments that add up to big improvements in your life. Fi