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The Grief Code

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What Really Causes Your Anxiety....And Maybe Your Children's As Well
September 20, 2022

Episode Summary In this episode, Ian speaks about anxiety, its possible causes and effects, and how to navigate your journey to dealing with it in a healthy and positive way without compromising yourself and other aspects of your life. Don’t miss: Und

Dealing With The Guilt When Someone Leaves Us Too Soon
September 19, 2022

Episode Summary In this episode, Ian gives you a deeper understanding of the thoughts and feelings you experience when someone in your life leaves too soon. Don’t miss: Understanding the different ways you feel when it comes to the sense of losing peo

Anger Management…..Really?!
September 18, 2022

Episode Summary In this episode, Ian talks about the valuable lesson of understanding the deeper concept of navigating your direction without aggression. Don’t miss: Understanding how to control and release your energy. Reigniting the fire that is wi

Sneaky Tricks That Add To The Confusion
September 15, 2022

Episode Summary In this episode, Ian shares his perspective on how language is utilized to create change in people. He also dives into the unfortunate length that some people reach wherein they use this ability to manipulate others. Don’t miss: Learni

Your Face Tells A Thousand Stories with Alan Stevens
September 14, 2022

Episode Summary Ian chats with an International Profiling and Communications Specialist, Alan Stevens. Alan and Ian share with you the wonders of profiling people for the purpose of being able to build stronger communications. Don’t miss: Understanding

The Illusion That Happiness Is A Choice
September 13, 2022

Episode Summary In this episode, Ian shares his perspective from an audiobook he was listening to and gives you a better understanding of grief and how sometimes happiness is not a choice. Don’t miss: Recognizing that people experience life differentl

The Body Keeps Score. Where Is Your Unresolved Grief Sitting?
September 12, 2022

Episode Summary Ian talks about how the grief moments you have experienced sit in your body until you are able to process them. In this episode, he talks about learning how to understand and heal your unknown and unresolved grief through The Grief Code Fr

The Grief Code Framework. Why I Created It & How It Will Help You
September 11, 2022

Episode Summary In this episode, Ian introduces the release of The Grief Code Framework and how it contains all the information you need to see how you can identify your unresolved and unknown grief. Don’t miss: Ian’s growth and healing journey on how

An unpopular opinion - Drinking beer is awesome!
September 08, 2022

Episode Summary In this episode, Ian talks about his unpopular opinion regarding the wonders of drinking beer and how it gives you a healthy balance in the different aspects of your life with proper moderation. Don’t miss: Allow yourself to have a hea

Regulate Your Emotions Through Physical Training with Michael Sack
September 07, 2022

Episode Summary Ian chats with the host of “It All Starts With You” podcast, Michael Sack. Michael and Ian exchanged valuable conversations about health, fitness, and how you can regulate your emotions through the physical aspect. Don’t miss: The journey