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It’s Different this time 
March 31, 2023

Chief Futurist for one of the largest consulting practices on the planet, Kasey Lobaugh joins the futurists this week to talk about the building blocks for the worlds of tomorrow. While at Deloitte, K

Accelerating Uncertainty
March 24, 2023

What happens when society is subject to accelerated change? Now we know: uncertainty and widespread panic. March 2023 was the month when the old systems began to collapse and entirely new systems were

India’s Big Ambitions
March 17, 2023

In this weeks episode of The Futurists we talk to author Gunjan Bagla, a leading figure in India-US trade relationships and commerce. Bagla argues that while China is seen as a massive threat to the U

The Future of Games
March 10, 2023

Co-hosts Brett King and Robert Tercek interview journalist Dean Takahashi, who has been covering innovation in the game industry for three decades. Dean gives The Futurists a post-CES roundup of new t

Exponential Progress in MedTech
March 03, 2023

Co-hosts Brett King and Rob Tercek speak with medical futurist Dr. Daniel Kraft on the topic of exponential health care. Kraft reports that weve entered a decade-long era of rapid innovation that beg

The Next Renaissance
February 24, 2023

Anders Sorman-Nilsson is a Swedish futurist living in Australia, but he believes that humanity is on the cusp of a new renaissance where humanity finds purpose beyond consumption and market profit. He

Technology That Heals
February 17, 2023

In this episode, creative technologist Roger Holzberg recounts his personal career journey from the Imagineering studio at the Walt Disney Company, where he devised and built original theme park rides

The Future of Food
February 10, 2023

In the past, innovation in agriculture lagged behind consumer electronics and telecoms. Today, that's changing. As food futurist Tony Hunter explains, foodistechnology. In this episode, Hunter share

The Future of Walmart 
February 04, 2023

This week Brian Solis joins Brett in the hosting chair as Srujana Kaddevarmuth from Walmart labs joins the Futurists to delve into the future of in store and online interactions for the retail giant.

Data is the New Plutonium
January 27, 2023

Stefan Lindstrm is Finlands Ambassador to Technology and Digitization with a global mandate to address the issues that arise from the expansion of digital technology into the economy, society and g