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The Futurists

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Constant Monitoring by Artificial Intelligence 
November 25, 2022

The future of healthcare and machine intelligence, featuring Dr Phillip Alvelda, the founder and chairman of Medio Labs. The pandemic accelerated the introduction of direct-to-consumer healthcare wit

Humility and Curiosity: The Antidote to Hubris
November 18, 2022

Australias foremost trainer of futurist leaders, Zoe Routh, shares practical insight into her business. She explains how senior executives can improve the entire organization when they master the ski

Cognitive AGI and Robotics 
November 11, 2022

In this weeks episode of The Futurists, cognitive scientist and AI researcher Ben Goertzel joins the hosts to talk the likely path to Artificial General Intelligence. Goertzel is the founder of Singul

Retooling the World’s Energy Systems
November 04, 2022

This week on The Futurists, HG Wells, Philip K Dick and Prometheus award wining author and Singularity University faculty Ramez Naam talks the future of the worlds energy systems, and how the Russia-

The Good Future
October 28, 2022

Gerd Leonhard, renowned Futurist and Humanist, bestselling author and thought leader joins The Futurists this week to talk a positive future. Like many of our previous guests Gerd is an optimist, but

October 21, 2022

Who owns your streaming TV service? A computer maker, a retailer, or a search engine? This week on The Futurists we learn about the never-ending cyclone of disruption that has been tormenting the me

Demonstrating Futurist Thinking
October 14, 2022

Thomas Frey is who you will undoubtedly find when you do a Google search on futurist speaker. Having shared the stage with many A-listers, Frey has earned that moniker. But his true skill demonstrat

Living Futures 
October 07, 2022

In this weeks show futurist, digital analyst and anthropologist, along with being a Global Innovation Evangelist for Salesforce, Brian Solis joins us to talk adapting to life in the future. As a reno

Finnishing the Future
September 30, 2022

In this week's episode of the Futurists, top-ranked Female Futurist (Forbes), science fiction author and TV presenter Elina Hiltunen joins us to talk her unique brand of futurismfrom Finland. Elina t

Big Picture Futures
September 23, 2022

In this weeks episode of the futurists, award winning British Science Fiction author Gareth Powell joins the duo to talk far flung futures and creating epic space operas from scratch. Powell talks th