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Who’s Fighting The Future? 
September 29, 2023

Brett and Rob on the latest moves against Big Tech. The Writers Guild strikes a blow against imposed AI. Organized labor versus EVs. The US government brings antitrust suits against Amazon and Google.

Regulating AI
September 25, 2023

As AI continues to develop at an unprecedented rate, the laws and regulations surrounding the technology have seemingly fallen behind the times. But can governments be trusted to keep AI in check?

Future Human Traits 
September 15, 2023

In this weeks show we visit with Eric Edmeades, a philosopher, student of evolutionary biology and a former top 10 ranked professional tennis player. We delve into the habits of tribes in Africa and t

Regenerative Futures
September 08, 2023

This week Marc Buckley joins Brett for a fireside chat on the role regenerative techniques hold for the future of the planet. As a member of the World Economic Forum and the UN advisory panel, traine

Enter the Marthaverse
August 11, 2023

On this weeks episode of The Futurists we engage with Metaverse futurist Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld all the way from Switzerland. Robert and Martha get deep into the debate of what is the Metaverse, and w

Three Ages of Water
August 04, 2023

This week on The Futurists we get to engage with one of the world's foremost experts in hydrology, the studyof Water, and the relationship of water to emerging climate change. Gleick is considered on

July 28, 2023

Josh Bernoffs entire career as an analyst and author has been focused on the future. In this episode The Futurists discuss forecasting: What is the difference between strategic insight and tactical d

The F*%#ing Complex Future!
July 21, 2023

Jim Rutt solves complex future problems by taking action. When we say complex, we mean very complex!. A pioneer of networked society since 1980, Jim launched the worlds first online community, and la

Storytelling Superpowers
July 14, 2023

Michael Margolis, founder and CEO of Storied, is an expert in constructing intentional narratives about the future. The stories Michael tells are not about people but, rather, about products and techn

Holistic Principles and AI  
July 07, 2023

AI researcher Monica Anderson guides the Futurists beyond first principles to the zeroth level of science, which is epistemology. Monica argues that science suffers from a kind of cognitive dissonanc