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The Food Lens Podcast

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S2 Ep. 9: How Ashley Stanley Saves 75,000 Pounds of Food a Week with Lovin’ Spoonfuls
March 18, 2020

When Lovin’ Spoonfuls Founder Ashley Stanley discovered how much good food was being thrown out at big grocery stores, she started by loading up her car, and carrying it to a local shelter. 10 years later, the non-profit rescues 75,000 pounds of food eve.

S2 Ep. 8: The Business of Baking with Joanne Chang
March 11, 2020

Whether you want to learn how to bake a better brioche, or build a successful business, you’re going to want to grab a pen to take notes while you tune in. The baker/restaurant-owner/author shares how she went from a consulting gig as a recent Harvard gr.

S2 Ep. 7: Building an Independent Beverage Business is a Real Hoot
March 04, 2020

How many people dream of quitting their desk jobs to start a successful craft-brewery? How many people actually take the plunge? We sat down with Night Shift co-founders Michael Oxton and Rob Burns to find out how they turned late night homebrew sessions.

S2 Ep. 6: How Elle Simone Scott Styled Herself a Career in Food
February 26, 2020

How do you get a job cooking on TV? According to Elle Simone, by saying yes to all manner of crazy experiences life serves up. Chef Simone shares the story of her winding path, from aspiring academic and social worker, to food stylist and on-air talent a.

S2 Ep. 5: There’s No Place Like Home for Mr. Kim
February 19, 2020

After running away to the islands, and popping up around Portsmouth, Gary Kim is back in his hometown with his new restaurant Mr. Kim’s. In this episode we talk about what hangs in the balance of new and old Portsmouth, wanderlust, finding your food voic.

S2 Ep. 4: All in the Pam-ily (with Pam & Chris Willis)
February 12, 2020

Ever wonder what it would be like to grow up in a glamorous NYC hotel? Or down on the farm? Pam, the gregarious, fashionable front of the house, and her husband Chris the creative but exacting chef, create the Alchemy that is Pammy’s in Inman Square, Cam.

S2 Ep. 3: No Wine Snobs Allowed with TJ & Hadley Douglas
February 05, 2020

The husband wife duo behind The Urban Grape in Boston’s South End are all about making wine culture more accessible: They take the pretension out of wine talk by making everyone who walks into their store feel welcome. They classify bottles “progressive..

S2 Ep. 2: Getting “Saltie” with Boston Restaurateur Kathy Sidell
January 29, 2020

The hospitality business is in Kathy Sidell’s blood. The restaurateur’s father, banker and restaurant backer Jack Sidell, and her sister, Stephanie, of Stephanie’s on Newbury, both inspired her to get in to the game. In this episode, we chat about her ca.

S2 Ep. 1: JuanMa Calderón & Maria Roundeau Know How to Throw a (Dinner) Party
January 22, 2020

When friends say, “You should open a restaurant!” just because you throw a great dinner party, they are usually wrong. Not in the case of JuanMa Calderón & Maria Rondeau whose Somerville restaurant Celeste started as a supper in club in their Cambridge h.

Trailer: Season Two of the Food Lens Podcast
January 15, 2020

Molly & Catherine are back for seconds, and we hope you’ll join! In season 2 of The Food Lens Podcast, the co-hosts sit down with a fresh batch of Boston restaurant industry insiders to talk food, family, business, and travel. Want to know what’s up with.