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S4 Ep. 5: For the Love of Restaurants, Tony Maws & Bessie King Say Call Your State Rep
July 29, 2020

Bessie King and Tony Maws share the work of Massachusetts Restaurants United, a coalition of independent restaurant professionals who are advocating on behalf of an industry in crisis. We talk about what the organization aims to accomplish, what they wan.

S4 Ep. 4: Taking Tasting Counter Home
July 15, 2020

Peter Ungár knew from the start that his 20 personTasting Counter wouldn’t be pivoting to take out. Instead, Peter and his wife Ginhee decided to launch TC at home, an interactive dining experience where guests pick up meal-kit boxes, and enjoy cooking, .

S4 Ep. 3: M&M BBQ is Better than Ever, Plus There’s Beer Now
July 01, 2020

After more than a decade at the helm, Geo Lambert decided to make the move from his food truck to brick and mortar with his M&M BBQ business inside Dorchester Brewing. Little did he know that shortly after settling in, the Covid-19 crisis would strike. W.

S4 Ep. 2: NBC’s Shira Stoll Asks Chefs About the Dish They Miss
June 24, 2020

On her podcast, The Dish I Miss, NBC's digital content producer Shira Stoll asks Boston area chefs about the food they miss making for their community, and how they are coping during the Covid-19 crisis. A recent transplant from New York, we chat about w.

S4 Ep. 1: Andy Husbands is Still an Optimist, and Still Opening Restaurants
June 17, 2020

Restaurants are allowed to re-open for outdoor dining, and Andy Husbands, owner of The Smoke Shop BBQ, is here to fill us in on what the the last couple of months have looked like, how it feels to finally have waitstaff and diners back on the scene, and .

S3 Ep. 9: Douglass Williams Welcomes Everyone to Tremont Street
June 03, 2020

This episode consists of two interviews with Douglass Williams, chef-owner of Mida in the South End. In the first half, we check in with him following the nation’s response to the killing of George Floyd and how he has felt the reverberations as a black .

S3 Ep. 8: Lauren Friel is Focused on What She Can Do Today
May 27, 2020

Since the Coronavirus halted her busy wine bar in its tracks, Lauren Friel has reshaped Rebel Rebel into a wine-retail business — one with online tastings and classes that have over-flowed Zoom rooms, and allowed her to hire back staff. Here’s how you ca.

S3 Ep. 7: Will Gilson is Finding a Pathway Forward
May 20, 2020

Will Gilson was supposed to be launching several new concepts this year - while those plans may be on hold for the moment, he’s diversifying his offerings at Puritan & Co. and forging a way forward with technology, takeout, and a team eager to get (safel.

S3 Ep. 6: Aaron Cohen Wants to Crack the Code for Online Ordering
May 13, 2020

Aaron Cohen couldn’t have imagined how his scoop shop would be transformed by the Covid-19 crisis. He went from serving up scoops to the neighborhood, to solving the logistical challenges of socially distanced pint pickup, and running a popular merch sto.

S3 Ep. 5: Mark Romano Wonders How Bars Will Work When We Reopen
May 06, 2020

Owner of Highland Kitchen and Highland Fried, Mark Romano says having his usually bustling restaurants come to a screeching halt feels a bit like when a Nascar driver hops off the track to drive home in his Subaru, at 35 miles per hour. The shutdown has .