The Backstage Project – Sports & Entertainment Podcast

The Backstage Project – Sports & Entertainment Podcast

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Delivering Reach for the Biggest Brands – Alan Dark in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 027
April 12, 2021

In a world obsessed with digital and mobile engagement, as well as the rise of subscription streaming entertainment services, like Netflix and now Disney+, it’s easy to overlook the going’s on in the broadcast media business. The reality is,

Making “The End of The Storm” – James Erskine in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 026
March 24, 2021

This week’s guest — director James Erskine — joins us from England where he has just released his latest feature-length documentary, The End of The Storm. The documentary follows Liverpool Football Club and their fans as they navigate the covid-interru...

Inside the Toronto Sports Media Scene – Jonah Sigel in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 025
March 17, 2021

Being a Toronto sports fan hasn’t been easy for many generations of Torontonians. Of course, the Raptors NBA title was kind of a reset for the city, and there were a couple of crazy Blue Jays runs a few years back,

In a League of Her Own – Mary Ellen Carlyle in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 024
March 10, 2021

Dome Productions is a relatively unknown company. Anyone who has walked by Gate 13 at Rogers Centre while attending a Toronto Blue Jays game has likely missed the small Dome Productions office sign, which looks more like a cornerstone time-capsule on t...

The Licensing Game – Jim Neish in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 023
March 02, 2021

The penultimate sign of fandom, is a team’s jersey. Over the years, the role of the jersey in a team or league’s business has risen to the point where in some leagues it is by far one of the most valuable assets, at least on the team side.

Making an Impact, Together! – Kate McKenna & Donnovan Bennett in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 022
February 22, 2021

Personality, intelligence, and work ethic can take you a long way in life. In the media business, however, these traits are simply not enough. Not only will you have to sacrifice to make your dreams come true,

Chasing a Dream – Keith Pelley in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 021
February 07, 2021

From a young hotshot TV producer to one of the world’s top sports executives, Keith Pelley continues to chase his dreams. As Keith puts it, “life is about adventures”, and what an epic one he’s been on, culminating with the European Golf Tour where he’...

Who’s Ready for a Monkey Knife Fight? – Nic Sulsky in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 020
February 01, 2021

Long before the dawn of the internet, fantasy gaming and betting were already wildly popular pastimes for sports fans and gamblers. Fast forward to today, and the internet has more than caught up, it’s the dawn of a new day!

Tales from the Sports Journalist’s Beat – Morgan Campbell in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 019
January 24, 2021

From being an NCAA football player to becoming a journalist, Morgan Campbell has spent most of his life with an insiders’ view of the sports world. Over his 20+ year career, he’s witnessed the changes and pullback in sports journalism.

The Speaker Representation Business – Martin Perelmuter in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 018
January 18, 2021

It is a lot harder to become a paid speaker than you might imagine. While you may think that publishing a book is a surefire way to become sought after, there’s a lot more to it, actually! Sure, there are many authors,