The Backstage Project – Sports & Entertainment Podcast

The Backstage Project – Sports & Entertainment Podcast

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The Goldilocks of Canadian Production Companies – Mark Bishop in Conversation with TBP Podcast EP 037
November 25, 2021

Our latest guest on The Backstage Project podcast comes to us from the world of Canadian television. TBP was thrilled to have a chance to visit and catch up with marblemedia’s Mark Bishop. Mark is an

Chasing a Dream – Kevin Porter in Conversation with TBP Podcast EP 036
October 11, 2021

Many of us – at one time or another – dream of being professional athletes. Most of us realize in high school that we won’t be making it to the big leagues – unfortunately. The lucky among us flirt wi

Being your Authentic Self – Richard Crouse in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 035
July 02, 2021

You would be given a free pass if you forgot that before the rise of the social media influencer there were already pundits and personalities on TV, radio and print. There’s just been that much expone

The Business of Radio – Elliott Hurst in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 034
June 21, 2021

The commercialization of streaming audio is not a new phenomenon. Going back 100 years, it was simply known by another name, broadcasting. With the launch, rise and now transition to digital and apps, the business models of audio-preneurs have generall...

The Custodian of Toronto Sports – Richard Peddie in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 033
May 27, 2021

Over a 20+ year span, as the Toronto pro sports scene evolved from older venues and stands filled with blue and white (Leafs, Blue Jays, Argonauts) to a more intense red (Raptors, TFC), and grand coliseums that define the city’s skyline,

The Ultimate Backstage Pass – David Kines in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 032
May 17, 2021

In today’s everything-on-demand world, it may be hard for anyone born post-Y2 K to answer a simple question, “where do you watch music videos?” A reasonable answer would be YouTube, Apple Music, or maybe even Tiktok.

Gamifying the Movie Theatre Experience – Aaron Silverberg in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 031
May 09, 2021

People yearn for live experiences that they can share with others. Though fan and crowd-based events such as sports and concerts may be the source of most of our FOMO, movie theatres are even more appealing.

Revenue Architects… Beyond the : 30-second spot – Derek Myers, Christos Nikitopoulos, Kevin Worsley in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 030
May 04, 2021

Well behind the scenes in the media business lurks smart folks who really know their way around a spreadsheet. They’re the ones who have charted out and flighted all the commercials, billboards, features and other innovative forms of sponsor integratio...

King of the Deal – Phil King in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 029
April 26, 2021

Sports fans today can watch more games and global competitions than we could have possibly imagined, even 20 years ago. For those of us that can remember, which generally means Boomers and Gen-X, there really wasn’t much sports to watch until the adven...

Leading the pack in the Sports Betting Race – Jim Lawson in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 028
April 20, 2021

For several years, the legalization of single-event sports betting and the planned provincially controlled roll-out has been a hot topic. During that time, Woodbine Entertainment‘s astute executives have been watching and waiting while investing in the...