The Backstage Project – Sports & Entertainment Podcast

The Backstage Project – Sports & Entertainment Podcast

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Born into the Beautiful Game – James Easton in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 017
January 13, 2021

The Easton family has played a vital role in shaping the North American soccer landscape for almost 50 years. In the early 70’s, Jim Easton Sr. uprooted his family from Scotland to take the job as the inaugural head coach of the Vancouver Whitecaps.

In Search of a Digital Media Business Model – Chris Skinner in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 016
December 26, 2020

Traditional media businesses have long struggled to realize the opportunity with digital. Giving away free ad-supported content has backfired with Facebook and Google now controlling the relationship with the audience and all their associated behaviour...

Leadership Born on the Pitch – Eva Havaris in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 015
December 15, 2020

Being a truly great leader is not about title or tenure. Regardless of seniority, natural-born leaders rise above obstacles to influence those around them and rally around a common goal. Eva Havaris has been that kind of leader from a young age,

Raised in the WWE Spectacle – Jian and Page Magen in Conversation with TBP Podcast EP 014
December 07, 2020

Identical twin brothers Jian and Page Magen have made a name for themselves entertaining audiences over the last 20 years. Think what you want about their unapologetic and sometimes shocking form of entertainment, these guys come by it all honestly.

The Genius of Live Sports Production – Paul Graham In Conversation with TBP Podcast EP 013
December 01, 2020

The best live sports executive producers are a blend of genius, in both art and science. Whether we realize it or not, as viewers, we are of course more deeply engaged in cliffhangers. Match outcomes that keep us tuned in until the very end.

Intimate Gatherings of Sports Fans and Media Personalities – Kevin Kennedy in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 012
November 25, 2020

No matter the sport, passionate fans and pundits have long debated the goings-on in the clubhouse or on the pitch of every pro sports team. For most of us, this dialogue and discord are limited to Twitter, or perhaps yelling at sports talk radio hosts ...

The Business of Independent Production – Don Young in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 011
November 18, 2020

Canadians have long heard about Canadian content, aka CanCon. What most outside of the broadcast business don’t generally realize is that much of that content is actually subsidized by the private broadcasters, such as Bell Media and Rogers Media.

Reaching New VR Frontiers – Laura Mingail In Conversation with TBP Podcast EP 010
November 10, 2020

Pushing boundaries and breaking with convention takes more than confidence, especially when you’re working inside a media giant. To do this in an authentic and meaningful way one needs to truly believe that they can make a difference,

Creating An Entertainment Culture – Jeremy Cammy In Conversation With Tbp Podcast Ep 009
October 27, 2020

Thinking back, pre-covid, did you consider that visit to your local big-box bookstore an entertainment experience? For those lucky enough to attend a book signing or celebrity talk, you’re even more aware of the lasting impact that encounter had on you...

Research is behind every great story – Marc LeBlanc in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 008
October 19, 2020

As sports fans, we have historically been obsessed with the live match. Call it what you want, “appointment viewing” or “DVR proof”, the truth is, the live broadcast only showcases a portion of the overall story.