The Money Advantage Podcast

The Money Advantage Podcast

The Go Giver Influencer, with Bob Burg

February 22, 2021

There is a major problem in the world today: it’s not people disagreeing with one another… it’s that they cannot disagree agreeably, civilly, and most importantly, persuasively! Here, at the end of a turned upside-down year, the gift we need most is a solution. That's where The Go-Giver Influencer comes in.

In this interview, we’re talking with Bob Burg, co-author of The Go-Giver Influencer. 

So if you want a way to find common ground where there appears to be only irreconcilable conflict, and get the secret to achieving your goals, this is the answer you’re looking for… tune in below!

Table of contents* Who “The Go-Giver: Influencer” is For* What is Influence?* Healing Political Rifts* The 5 Secrets of Genuine Influence* 1. Master Your Emotions* 2. Step Into the Other Person's Shoes* 3. Set the Proper Frame* 4. Communicate with Tact and Empathy* 5. Let Go of Having to Be Right* About Bob Burg

Who “The Go-Giver: Influencer” is For

Bob Burg, along with his co-writer John Mann, has now written four books about the “Go-Giver” parable. The first story is about the seemingly counterintuitive steps to success that can make a vast difference in your life. The Go-Giver Influencer is the second book which tells yet another parable of success, and important lessons about relationships.

[5:09] “John and I… really wanted to take [the concept of] influence to a deeper level because of its importance. Now, in both of the other parables… influence was certainly a part of it. It was even law number three—the law of influence in The Go-Giver. So we have to really look at, ‘What is influence, and why is it important?’”

The answer is people skills. Talent can only take you so far in business and in life. And of course, hard work keeps your talent honed. Yet without people skills, you’ll have a hard time making actual progress toward your goals. Everything we do in life is filtered through the relationships we have with other people. That is where The Go-Giver Influencer comes into play.

What is Influence?

[8:18] “I think that’s the essence of influence, it’s pull. Pull as opposed to push, right? As in, how far can you push a rope? And the answer is not very fast or effectively. Influencers don’t push… their will on others. They don’t try to push their ideas on others.”

You can’t push your way to what you want—it won’t end well for anyone, nor is it sustainable. Influence is the art of pulling, or better yet attracting, people. In fact, the best influencers do this genuinely, because they understand that there’s power behind being inviting.

[10:20] “[Genuine influencers] will ask themselves questions. How does what I’m asking this person to do… align with their goals? With their needs, with their wants, their desires?... How am I helping them overcome a challenge...Now, when we ask ourselves these questions thoughtfull...