The Business of Self-Publishing

The Business of Self-Publishing

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Mass-Market Paperback Books vs. Trade Paperback Books: A Guide for Self-Publishers
July 20, 2017

Updated December 23, 2022 - Subtitle Understanding paperback formats in the U.S. - Synopsis Here is an explanation of the differences between the two main paperback books: mass-market paperbacks and t

Examples of Great Customer Testimonial Statements
July 17, 2017

Updated December 27, 2022 - Subtitle A handful of testimonials can give your business the sustained growth it needs for the long haul - Synopsis Testimonials are a very effective way to get more clien

Book Dedications to Spur Your Imagination
July 13, 2017

Updated January 2, 2023 - Subtitle Dedications are an easy way to make an emotional connection with the reader - Synopsis To be a successful book marketer, you must never miss an opportunity to reach

How to Write a Book Foreword: A Checklist for Authors
July 10, 2017

Updated March 2, 2023 - Subtitle Here is a list of essential questions to help you write a foreword - Synopsis Here is a list of essential questions you should think about to help you make sure you ha

3 Easy Steps to Adding a “Share Box” to Your Infographic
July 03, 2017

Updated on December 12, 2019 - Synopsis By adding an infographic to your blog, and giving your readers an easy way to share it, is a sure way to help build your network. We can make the infographic ea

How to Use Marketing Channels to Drive Book Sales
June 15, 2017

Updated February 7, 2023 - Subtitle Combining online and offline marketing channels is vital to selling books long term - Synopsis Understanding how online and offline marketing channels can work toge

Understanding the 3-Stages of the Buying Cycle Can Improve Your Book Sales
May 11, 2017

Synopsis Helping book shoppers through the 3 stages of the buying cycle can dramatically improve your chances of making more book sales. If you understand what these 3 stages are about, and where the

3 Steps to Creating a Winning Sell Sheet for Your Book
April 13, 2017

Synopsis Sell sheets have a simple mission. To Sell More Books. They're really just a way to showcase the benefits of your book in a concise and impelling way. And if your sell sheet is created and u

What Is a Tweetable?
December 05, 2016

Synopsis Tweetables can be a very practical and powerful way to improve the number of social shares that you can receive for your blog posts. Here I show you what they about, how they are typically used, and what they … Continue reading →

3 Easy Steps to Adding a Tweetable to Your Blog Post (Without a Plugin)
December 01, 2016

Synopsis Here are three simple steps that I follow in order to create and embed a tweetable quote into my blog posts. The entire process is fast, easy, and free. - What You Will Learn 1. You will lear