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54. Kylie Patchett: Wild and F*cking Free
February 24, 2023

On todays episode of Tend Her Wild, we are thrilled to welcome Kylie Patchett, a transformational coach, founder of Radiance Revolution, and host of the Wild and Finally Fucking Free ...

53. Exploring the Three Phases of Womanhood
February 17, 2023

Welcome to the Tend Her Wild podcast, where today well be exploring the ancient concept of the three phases of the goddess. As women, we pass through these distinct phases ...

52. Katherine Wintsch: Slay Like A Mother
February 10, 2023

In todays episode Kate & Betsy interview a true trailblazer, Katherine Wintsch. Katherine is the fearless leader and dedicated advocate behind The Mom Complex, an organization that works to make ...

51. Dreams: Tap into the Power
February 03, 2023

In todays episode of Tend Her Wild, hosts Betsy and Kate discuss the topic of dreams and their significance. Betsy has a talent of helping us uncover the deeper meaning ...

50. Women Championing Women
January 27, 2023

Today on Tend Her Wild Kate and Betsy cover the topic of how women can continue to show up for other women. This is a topic we had been considering ...

49. Marlen Mendoza: A Visionary Force
January 20, 2023

Today we are so excited to introduce Marlen Mendoza. Marlen is the founder and executive director of Mendoza consulting, which provides policy and research analysis, strategic advisement, bilingual m

48. Resolutions? Embracing the New Year
January 13, 2023

Happy new year!In todays episode we explore new years resolutions.Should we make them?Shouldnt we?Can we keep them if we do? Today well answer these questions and cover: -The science of ..

47. Who Were You Before You Lost Your Wild Self? Reflections on a Year of Tend Her Wild
January 06, 2023

It has been full year that weve been co-creating the tend Her Wild podcast! Weve recorded nearly 50 podcasts, interviewed 19 women and one man; a diverse group from different ...

46. Avianna Castro: Trust the Whisper
December 29, 2022

We are so excited and very honored this week to have guest Avianna Castro, intuitive transformational coach and meditation teacher, the founder of Avianna Castro LLC and Oneness Wellness. Aviannas .

45. Self Compassion: The Secret Sauce of Life
December 16, 2022

In todays episode Kate and Betsy talk about self compassion, a powerful topic that most women struggle with. This may actually be the foundation of the Tend Her Wild podcast; ...