Tend HER Wild Podcast

Tend HER Wild Podcast

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105. Kate O’ Donnell: Ayurveda for Women’s Health
April 19, 2024

We have a conversation today with Kate O Donnell, an expert in Ayurveda, who guides us through holistic ways to approach healing, nourishment, and menopause. Today we discuss: How Kates ...

104. The Current Extremes of Light and Dark: Finding Our Way Back to Balance
April 12, 2024

In todays episode well be circling back to a topic weve previously touched on but want to approach again from a slightly different perspective. In a world where contrasts are ...

103. Lyz Lenz: This American Ex-Wife
April 05, 2024

Today we have a rich conversation with Lyz Lenz, a true wild woman and writer who just released her fourth book This American Ex-Wife that instantly hit the New York ...

102. TEDx: Our Scheduled Talk That Didn’t Happen
March 29, 2024

In todays episode well be talking about the TEDx talk we were scheduled to give and that didnt happen. Today we discuss: Our mutual excitement about the opportunity to give ...

101. Amanda Litman: Run for Something
March 22, 2024

Today we have an inspiring conversation with an expert in all things politics, Amanda Litman, co-founder and executive director of Run for Something, a group supporting young progressives running for

100. The Upper Limit: Living in Your Full Potential
March 15, 2024

How much goodness am I willing to allow in my life? The universe had been hinting that we should cover the topic of tapping into our full potential and the ...

99. Cate Stillman: The Witch’s Cancer Journal
March 08, 2024

Today we are thrilled to introduce Cate Stillman, a thought leader and true wild woman who has been prolific in her reach for over 2 decades about primal habits and ...

98. Shake It Off: Facing the Criticism and Embracing Your Light
March 01, 2024

Today, we discuss haters, negativity, toxicity and how you can manage and work with it. Facing the critics (or being one) will happen to all of us and whichever side ...

97. Cathy Pagano: The Gifts of the Feminine Spirit
February 23, 2024

Today we are thrilled to introduce Cathy Pagano who has been working with the gifts of the feminine spirit for over forty years. Today we discuss: How Cathy was ...

96. Meet Kate & Betsy: Season 2
February 16, 2024

Meet Kate & Betsy at the start of Season 2 Join us today as we reflect on the first season of Tend Her Wild and enter into season two. Today ...