Tend HER Wild Podcast

Tend HER Wild Podcast

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Anxiety: Surrender With Gratitude
September 23, 2022

This week we discuss the anxietymany of us feel in the transition from summer to fall.Fall is an obvious time of change, a season of endings that can create some ...

Perfectionism: A Cultural Phenomenon
September 16, 2022

In todays episode we discuss Perfectionism, something that continues to reappear in life for many of us.At some point in our lives perfectionism served us, maybe we enjoyed the early ...

Taking Charge of Our Own Healing:  A Conversation with Functional Medicine Therapist Rachel Headings
September 09, 2022

In todays episode we talk with Functional Medicine Practitioner, Rachel Headings, founder of Rachels Healing Arts on her passion for health and her journey to guiding others on their own ...

September 02, 2022

In this weeks episode we explore the complicated topic of grief and how we can help ourselves and our loved ones to feel it and move through it in a ...

How to Champion Ourselves: A Conversation with UI Tennis Coach Sasha Schmid
August 26, 2022

In this weeks episode we talk to University of Iowa Tennis Coach Sasha Schmid. As a former college athlete, lawyer, coach and podcaster, Sasha is paving her own way with ...

Freedom in Truth with Kate and Betsy
August 19, 2022

This week Kate and Betsy discuss the importance of finding, knowing and trusting our truth.  They talk about why we disconnect form our truth, what gets in the way of us ...

Connecting to our True Selves with Narrative Therapist, Andrea Wilson
August 12, 2022

This week we talk with Narrative Therapist, Andrea Wilson.  With nearly twenty years of working in writing, literature, and creative strategy Andrea was always driven by deep philosophical questions,

The Power of Connection
August 05, 2022

In today’s episode we talk with creator, teacher and spiritual seeker, Fannie Hungerford on the importance of connection and the power of women coming together.  We can help liberate our own ...

Intuitive Earth Momma: Meet Monica Basile
July 29, 2022

In today’s episode we talk about intuition with Certified Professional Midwife, Reiki Master-Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, and visual artist (who designed this year’s beautiful Tend Her 2.0 jou

Returning to the Body
July 22, 2022

In today’s episode Betsy and Kate talk about the importance of being in the body and just how hard that can be.  This topic connects with TEND HER 2.0 program ...