The SWIB Podcast: Wisconsin Retirement System Insights

The SWIB Podcast: Wisconsin Retirement System Insights

Latest Episodes

9. Strong Governance Keeps SWIB Positioned for Success, with Board of Trustees Chair David Stein
June 14, 2021

David Stein, executive vice president of Associated Bank, details how a strong governance structure has empowered SWIB to continue to serve WRS members even during challenging times.

8. Running the Long Race with Derek Drummond, SWIB's Funds Alpha Portfolio Manager
April 08, 2021

Much like being a triathlete, managing SWIB’s funds alpha portfolio requires focus, preparation, and a competitive spirit.

7. Managing Directors Round Table, with Edwin Denson, Brian Hellmer, and Anne-Marie Fink
March 02, 2021

After coming out ahead in a year of challenging 2020 markets, SWIB is positioning itself to continue to thrive in the changing financial landscape.

6. Evolving in Challenging Markets, with Brian Hellmer
January 07, 2021

SWIB's Global Public Market Strategies Division helps deliver returns and add value to the WRS.

5. Forward-Thinking Wisconsin Investments in Private Debt and Venture Capital, with Chris Prestigiacomo
November 21, 2020

In this episode of The SWIB Podcast, hear how the State of Wisconsin Investment Board is helping Wisconsin businesses of all kinds succeed while also generating returns for the Wisconsin Retirement System.

4. The "Goldilocks Zone" in SWIB's Asset Allocation Strategy, with Edwin Denson
October 22, 2020

Explore the critical role asset allocation plays in SWIB's investment strategy to position the Wisconsin Retirement System to remain on-track to meet its obligations over the long term.

3. Behind the Scenes at SWIB, with Rochelle Klaskin and Mike Jacobs
September 30, 2020

Get familiar with the people that work in the wings to generate returns on behalf of the Wisconsin Retirement System and its members.

2. Big Name Brands in the WRS Private Market Portfolio, with SWIB’s Anne-Marie Fink
August 27, 2020

Hear how private markets and funds alpha play a critical role in generating returns for WRS members.

1. Navigating COVID-19's Financial Fallout, with SWIB Executive Director & CIO David Villa
July 30, 2020

Learn how SWIB is uniquely positioned to ride out market uncertainty from the man who leads its best-in-class team of financial professionals.

Coming Soon - The SWIB Podcast, from the State of Wisconsin Investment Board
July 09, 2020

Wisconsin Retirement System Insights