The SWIB Podcast: Wisconsin Retirement System Insights

The SWIB Podcast: Wisconsin Retirement System Insights

Latest Episodes

15. How Technology is Transforming the Portfolio Management Process at SWIB, with Nick Stanton and Derek Drummond
April 27, 2022

Hear how SWIB uses technology to meet the enhance the investment strategy that keeps the WRS among the only fully funded pensions in the country.

14. Pensionomics: How the WRS Provides a Strong Economic Pillar for Wisconsin, with NIRS Executive Director Dan Doonan
March 09, 2022

A well-funded and well-managed retirement plan is not only good for employees, it is also good for Wisconsin.

13. Looking Back at 2021 and Forward to 2022 with SWIB ED/CIO Edwin Denson
January 28, 2022

After another year of strong performance, what does the year ahead hold for SWIB and the Wisconsin Retirement System.

12. Exploring the Innovative Strategies that SWIB is Deploying to Generate Returns for the WRS
December 20, 2021

SWIB is finding new ways to generate more active return to help the WRS remain fully funded over the long-term.

11. 70 Years of Service: A Look Back at the History of the State of Wisconsin Investment Board
October 28, 2021

On its 70th anniversary, SWIB's story is one of growth, innovation, and success in managing the investments of the Wisconsin Retirement System.

10. SWIB's New Executive Director and CIO Edwin Denson Charts a Steady Course for the WRS
August 25, 2021

SWIB's new leader talks about using his experience to continue to move the agency forward and deliver results for the Wisconsin Retirement System.

9. Strong Governance Keeps SWIB Positioned for Success, with Board of Trustees Chair David Stein
June 14, 2021

David Stein, executive vice president of Associated Bank, details how a strong governance structure has empowered SWIB to continue to serve WRS members even during challenging times.

8. Running the Long Race with Derek Drummond, SWIB's Funds Alpha Portfolio Manager
April 08, 2021

Much like being a triathlete, managing SWIB’s funds alpha portfolio requires focus, preparation, and a competitive spirit.

7. Managing Directors Round Table, with Edwin Denson, Brian Hellmer, and Anne-Marie Fink
March 02, 2021

After coming out ahead in a year of challenging 2020 markets, SWIB is positioning itself to continue to thrive in the changing financial landscape.

6. Evolving in Challenging Markets, with Brian Hellmer
January 07, 2021

SWIB's Global Public Market Strategies Division helps deliver returns and add value to the WRS.