Success and Inner Growth

Success and Inner Growth

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Building Relationships: How and Why
September 07, 2021

Building relationships is essential for human life. We cannot live without support: Firstly, we need parents facilitating our entry into life. Teachers connect us to the heritage of humanity. We recei

Care for Your Body with Diligence
June 23, 2021

Our body is one of the greatest miracles in the world, and certainly in our own world. But we fail often to care for our body properly. One reason might be that we often tend to take things for granted, which are always there. This might be a reason,

How the Soul Sees Your Life
April 07, 2021

We often try to understand and see our soul using the brain. I challenge you today, to try it at least once the other way round and imagine, how your soul sees your body and your life as a human. Why? Relevant is the driver’s view on his car and his jo...

Setting Goals for Your Life
February 10, 2021

Goals are Important It is very important for our life to set goals. But it is even more important to do that the right way. This episode of Success and Inner Growth discusses three categories of goals. They are goals relating to experiences and joy,

The Wall Between Body and Mind
December 26, 2020

How can we pierce the wall installed by societies between our mind and our body? Doing so allows us to take back control of our life.

Many people think that a human being consist solely of the body and the social personal. This episode discusses how comes that people forgot about listening to their mind and soul, and gives some clues how we can reconnect. with our soul.
November 07, 2020

This episode discusses the four dimensions of being a human. You might be a little bit surprised when you here this topic, and full of doubt. This is no surprise, given the way most of us grew up and what we learnt in school. But I think,

Stability and Resilience
September 21, 2020

Stability and Resilience is the title of Episode 16 of Success and Inner Growth. Obviously, we need stability in our life, and in our business. But we need also change. Resilience comes in when we lost stability for a moment.

Processes and Systems in a Business
July 13, 2020

Processes and Systems in a Business is the title of Episode 15 of Success and Inner Growth. This topic sounds a bit boring, but it is eminently important if you want to establish control over your own life with the help of your own business.

Growing Together in a Convoy
May 30, 2020

Show Notes for Growing Together Growing Together in a Convoy is the title of Episode 14 of our Podcasts Success and Inner Growth. We discuss the network we need to assemble to reach our goals in detail. As a first step we organize the people our networ...

How to Protect Your Energy
April 25, 2020

Episode 13 of Success and Inner Growth discusses ways to protect our energy flow. Listen and learn how to organize your life in a way, that makes lets your energy work for yourself. The key is balancing the satisfaction you provide to all your needs.