Success and Inner Growth

Success and Inner Growth

How to Tackle a Challenge

January 29, 2022

Once in a while we must tackle a challenge. Episode 24 of Success and Inner Growth discusses a framework and a process we can use to turn resistance and barriers into opportunities to learn and to grow.

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • How to tackle a challenge (0:40)
  • What is a Challenge? (1:50)
  • How to know it is a challenge? (2:18)
  • Why do we have challenges in our life? (3:18)
  • First steps to tackle a challenge (3:52)
  • Welcome the challenge (4:16)
  • Be curious(5:32)
  • Collect Information(5:57)
  • Tackling the Challenge opens up its gift (6:56)
  • Improve your understanding of yourself (7:12)
  • See yourself grow (9:15)
  • Understand the message (9:44)
  • Help is available (10:20)
  • The process of tackling a challenge (13:44)
  • Access as much information as possible (14:34)
  • Allow your subconscious mind to work (14:55)
  • Retrive the response from your subconscious mind (15:17)
  • Validate the input from the subconscious mind and outside sources (15:44)
  • Plan (16:14)
  • Execute your plan (16:25)
  • Review the results (16:43)
  • Episode 24 (17:16)

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